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Default Oil change pumps

So....I used freshwater pump that I had scavenged up from one of my dock neighbors to make my own oil change pump. Mounted to bucket, 12v leads to hook to battery, correct hose and fittings to attach to factory mercruiser dipstick....just like the expensive ones!!!! First use, worked flawless....I thought I really had something here. Planned on renting this bad boy out to all my dock neighbors!!! Second use, I have to spend a bunch of time priming this damn thing! Real pain in the *****!! Now I'm wondering if there is two different for oil and one for water??? Different diaphragm material?? Getting ready to try this again, I really want this to be a 90 second job like the first time!!!! What say brain trust....ideas!?!????

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I suspect that the water pump is not compatible with oil and that it was damaged and will continue to get worse.

I have had cheap oil pumps fail in a similar way.

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I have a Jabsco bucket pump that you stick a hose into the dip stick to suck the oil out. It has clips for the battery and sometimes it's 1 2 3 and other times I am constantly adjusting the dip stick hose to get the oil out. I have a hand pump that is my old stand by. Works great just uses alot of energy from me to work.

Now the best way is from my draining hoses under each engine oil pan. Since I only change my oil for winter layup the boat is on blocks, so I shove the hose out through the drain hole and unscrew the nut and out she comes, every single drop of dirty oil.

Get a 5 gallon bucket and attach a good pump to it and you got it. Oh.... what Mike said ...
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Luckily my oil pans were already plumbed with a drain hose. I took the pump off my Jabsco bucket, built a manifold, mounted it near the motors and extended the drain hoses to the manifold. Works great and much cheaper than a true oil change system
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Some elastomers aren't compatible with hydro carbons. The orings in a low cost water pump would swell and get soft.

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