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Default Gel coat repair question

1998 Maxum 2800 scr

Last season the wind got a hold of us while docking and the boat received a few good deep scratches. They are too deep to sand out so I searched the web and ended up buying some Gel coat paste. Great stuff as you mix the paste with a hardener then fill scratches after they have been prepped. Then sand down and buff out. I bought it in dream white color as that was the original color when built
Everything went pretty good except the color is off. I was actually expecting this since I researched it and knew that the sun had faded the gel coat quiet a bit. even with the surrounding area sanded it's still way off
The gel past manufacturer (spectrum color) which has a great customer service btw, advised me that the repair will fade to match over time.
I meant to ask how long? a season or two? anyone have any experience with this?
While working on the boat today one of the guys from the marina came by and we talked a bit about the repair. He said the best way is to mix some gelcoat to match the boat and spray it on and then buff to finish. this way it's a perfect match to the faded color of the boat.
my question is: what happens when the new color matched gelcoat fades? is it then too dark?
should I go this route or just wait for the sun to fade my repairs?
I do quite a bit of spray work in my cabinet making trade and painted a few trucks over the years so I thinking I could do it myself.
thanks for any and all info you may be able to provide?
see pic....
thanks, Mark
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I would give it a season to weather if after a year you are not happy do the color match.

For a scratch like this I would not spay it on but dremel this fill out and just apply he color match with a plastic auto body blade. Once cured light sand and polish.

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thanks.... trouble is they are all dremeled out and filled/sanded already. There Are quite few of them. I hate to start over but may have to by cutting it out again.
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Here is a great guy, that has a YouTube channel, it's called Boatworks Today, and he has some great informative videos on all aspects of fiberglass and gel coat repairs..... Give him a watch!
There's A Hole In My Boat~ Gelcoat Color Matching (Part 1):
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I saw those videos already.. great info.
I going to color match and then spray some gel coat rather than redo the paste. I talked with Spectrum color and they said it's really tough to tint the paste material.
I'll post how it goes with info that worked or didn't work for me. Might help the next guy. looking to get back to the storage facility next weekend (2/20) and hoping to finish it up that day.
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