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Default CO2 in Cabin

how can the gen co2 fumes get in the cabin only with ac on??? AC off no prob with co2 from gen ???
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Originally Posted by gmc60 View Post
how can the gen co2 fumes get in the cabin only with ac on??? AC off no prob with co2 from gen ???
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Old post; only one of these members has posted in the past year so I doubt you will get a response from these folks.
Also one is no longer with us

No one in this thread mention having the A/C on or off having any impact on CO2 build up, frankly should make a difference unless you are building up CO2 near the A/C air intake and it just spreading it to where your monitor is.

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I've moved this from a very old thread to its own.

I would guess that it isn't directly related to the A/C. Rather it is due to increased load. The Genny should be have a variable RPM to conserve energy and only ramp up when load is increased.

A/C is expensive in regards to power draw. I would bet when the genny rpm's are down the cabin vents fast enough to keep the levels down. When the generator ramps up to meet the draw from the A/C the CO2 rise is faster than the cabin can vent it, triggering the CO2 detector.

This can only come from two places:

1) Some leak in the exhaust system (unlikely).

2) Drafting (think tractor trailor). If you're anchored or on a mooring, the boat will almost always be bow to the wind (unless it is overwhelmed by tide, in which case the breeze isn't that strong). The boat blocks the wind and aerodynamics caused the wind to 'eddy' behind the boat, blowing back in. Are there cabins or hatches open at the time?
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