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Default Dinged Prop

OK so I was out at the weekend on my Maxum 1800MX, just chilling on the Loch as we had some nice weather (I know rare for Scotland!) going slow around an island I go round very regularly and by slow I mean about 4-5mph. Suddenly there is a crunch and bumps, immmediately stop and lift the leg up to inspect and notice there is some prop damage and a small chunk out one of the blades. I rounded the island and headed to check out if it was planing properly and running to speed with no odd vibrations and everything felt fine. However I probably should replace the prop and looking for advice. I use the boat for general crusing, towing toys, skiing and wakeboarding and it appears with the number of blades and pitch I am spoilt for chocie, but being a newbie I have no idea what is the correct prop for me. I would appreciate advice please, and not the kind of advice to "not drive over rocks". If anyone can let me know what propellers I should be looking at that would be great.

Still annoyed at dinging it as i drive around that island all the time and always stay a set distance away as i know there are shallow bits. No idea where this rock came from. Also anything else I should check??

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chrisareid, we all have found bottom at one time and will do so again it's part of boating. Check the skeg (fin on the bottom of the leg (outdrive) for damage.

Others will help on best prop for your boat and activities. Mecruiser has a prop calculator tool on their site.

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Here is your best bet:
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Originally Posted by shrew View Post
Thanks guys, yes I did that earlier and I think that Vensura Mercury marine 4 blade 19 pitch is the one I want. Just wanted some personal advice from experience too I suppose. Hoping the skeg is not damaged, but I said it seemed to plane as usual and steering was fine too. Need to pull it out and get a proper look at any damage! Not looking forward to that though!

Just need to find the cash now to buy a prop , especially after just throwing some big speakers and amp onto it.
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You could try contacting as I know they do prop repairs/polishing etc.
I would highly recommend a 19P Mercury Vengeance prop for your 1800mx though. Yours is very similar to my 1800sr3 and I have been really happy with mine since changing from the oversized stock 21p prop.
Hope you have a good summers boating!!
Another Day.....Another Bay!!
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Yes you aren't a boater if you haven't done this a couple of times.

In a couple of weeks I would tap the bottom screw on your outdrive just to make sure you didn't pop a seal. The fluid should be a dark green. Anything lighter you might have done something inside...


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