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Default 2100 cb 5.7 v8 year 1996 - First time boat owner

Hi there
i am new boat owner first timer - and my first boat is a maxum 2100 cb 1996 5,7 v8 - 300 hours super weelkept - very nice boat for its age. We almost went for Mariah 18 ft - 2005 3,0 mercury, but fell in love with this old luxery cruiser at once, bigger stronger more power more luxury fell - but more thirsty lol - our gas prices here in Denmark is 2,5 dollar per liter !!

i noticed the speedometer didnt work and the rpm stops at 3000 - the engine sounds super and a mechanic said its top condition. The question is top speed - i measured it via gps 75 kmh or 46 miles per hours ( 3 adults + 50 liter gas ) - is that normal?

Is there any easy fix to rpm faults ?
And gas needle reader is also a bit difficult to read precisely - and how many liter is the tank, 200 l ?

Prob - we run the original 3 blade - is there a better more efficient, i see many going for 4 blades for faster plane and better economy and handling etc.- or stay with the original ?


Henrik Lund

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Lund welcome aboard.

On the back of the tach there may be a setting for 4-6-8 cylinder, make sure it is on 8. At what speed does it first hit 3000 rpm?
46 mph sounds about right.

Regarding the speedo check that the hose (small black tube) on the front edge of the outdive is connected. This is the speedo pick up and uses air pressure to measure speed.

Boat fuel gauges should only be relyed on when at rest. The gas will move to theback of the tank when under way and tis is where he float is so a false reading happens. Also the gas sloshes around at rest in choppy water so the reading is so so. A safe way to go is 1/3 to get to destination, 1/3 back, and 1/3 as back up as things happen.
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