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Default 2004 1800 SR3 question...

Hello all, new member, first post, and I can't even claim to be a Maxum owner just yet, but I'm very close to picking up an immaculate 2004 1800 SR3 with the 4.3 190HP. (85hrs)

While reading about the 1800 and the 4.3 liter I came across a posting by an owner who has a 2004 and claims that his engine starts making a loud "drum-like" noise when approaching 1200rpms. He claims that the whole boat shutters and vibrates too.

Apparently his dealer told him that it's the nature of the boat.

My question: Does this ring true with any other 4.3 owners? Is this something that I should expect? Has anyone else heard of this happening?

This is my first boat. Other than small outboards, I have no experience, but I've always wanted a boat and I'm going for it.

I look forward to any advice or comments.

Thank you.

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I have never owned a boat with a V6 but I have had friends that have had them.I have ridin with them and guess what? No drums!...... not even a high hat. If I had someone tell that this is normal on any boat I would be LOL and calling this sales person an idiot that is telling me this tall tale of BS....... gee even a couple of four letter words, which love isn't one of them, might pop out of my mouth.

No that is not normal, that engine just sound smooth and purring, not like a marching band on New Years Day. Nothing should be vibrating or shuddering.

That is why you get a mechanical survey done before you buy the boat. Test drive the boat before you buy the boat! Spend the extra money to protect your interest, it is well worth it..........

Hope this helps and good luck........there are plenty of great used boats out there in this kind of choosy!


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Thanks Roger....appreciate the input. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good drum riff, but I prefer it comes from the speakers. I just wanted to be sure that this wasn't some sort of common issue with the V6's.

Thanks again,

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Definitely not normal, and an 1800 SR with the 4.3 should really haul the mail.

An '04 with only 85 hours is quite a find, especially if it is as clean as you indicate. I wouldn't expect many issues regarding the hull but be sure you have the engine and drive inspected closely. Disuse can be as bad a neglect. See if you can get the service records so you know what was done when and, just as important, what hasn't been done.

Best of luck....

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I had a friend out on an 'introductory/shake down cruise' with his dealer in his brand new 30 footer. While crusing along around 22 Kts, the dealer said "Watch This" and slammed the boat from drive straight into reverse. Then said "That's called an emergency stop". I laughed and said " And you still tok delivery of the boat?" I would have walked straight into the managers office and told him, I'll take the exact same boat, as long as that A-hole hadn't been on it. Then refused to take delivery of the one I bought. There are many dealers who are old salts. Then there are others who assume selling a boat is no different than selling a car, RV, motorcycle. As far as I'm concerned, until proven otherwise, the limit of a salesperson's ability is that they can interview well for a job.
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Thanks to all for the input. I picked it up yesterday and I'm looking forward to putting my touch on things and getting it in the water. If nothing else, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it in my rear view mirror.

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Congrats, good luck and now a few posts later - you can claim to be a Maxum Owner!
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Well our baby has no drum like sounds..Ours is a 2004 and she is warped in cotton wool aka cotton balls lol!! We have had no problems with her... Post your pics!!

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