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Default Toilet system filter

Can some tell me where the toilet system filters are located?..
We came v
Back to the boat after being away for about a week turned everything on flushed the toilets and had a horrible smell in the boat. Help please.

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Only filter I can think of would be in the holding tanks vent line if it has one as this was not a standard feature.

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Our 3100se has a vacuum head with a replaceable holding tank vent line filter, but as Mike said, I'm not sure if it was standard or added by previous owner. The filter is located on top of tank.
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All marine holding tanks have a vent line. The vent line filter can be installed inline somewhere between the holding tank and through hull vent.

When you leave the boat for the week.....

1) Make sure to pump out the holding tank.

2) use some holding tank chemicals.

3) Flush the holding tank chemicals back with freshwater (not saltwater). Make sure that only freshwater sits in the bowl and discharge line.
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There should be a 1” line or so coming from the top of the tank to a thru hull. The key to keeping a tank from smelling bad is to make sure it’s well vented and can breathe. When the bacteria are starved of oxygen the anerobic strains take over and release the smell.

If you do find a vent filter (which is usually a round canister on the vent line full of charcoal pellets make sure it (and the line) are not plugged.

One tip I read in my vacuflush manual (and would work for any system) is to use powdered laundry detergent instead of toilet chem. It keeps the rubber components well lubricated and doesn’t attack any components like the chemicals. I’ve been doing it for several seasons and it works great. Also breaks down the waste in the tank.

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Properly functioning waste systems shouldn’t smell or need filters.
Key items are proper treatment and good airflow. Many add-on filters actually increase the odor in the tank by restricting the vent. It’s a band-aid at best.

Next time you arrive, slowly open the waste pump out deck fitting, listen for air escaping.
If so, your vent line is restricted and the blockage or restriction needs to be fixed.

Pump and rinse the tank a few times and then add your choice of tank traeatment. I found the cheap RV stuff from Walmart works just as well as the overpriced marine version.
Trace the vent line and be sure that it’s clear. If you find a filter, be sure to check it it’s flowing. Personally, I’d remove it. Many times a blockage occurs when the tank is overfilled and the waste gets caught in a low spot or clogs a filter. Blowing air thru the line will help insure you have a functioning vent.
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If you're going to remove or not use a vent filter, then you typically need to upsize the ID of the vent line hose. Standard vent lines are typically too small to allow proper airflow.

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