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Default Pump location

Hello to all. A friend of mine loved my 1991 2500 SCR so much he bought a 1992 2300SCR.....he asked me to fix his fresh water pressure system. He cannot locate the pump. Does anyone know the location of the pump on this model? His marina told him the hull had to be cut to gain access to the pump????

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Well if the marina said that they must know or think they know it's location, did they say?

I think they did mean the hull needed cutting but maybe a bulkhead to gain easier access.

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Find the fresh water tank, it should be on top of it. If not follow the plumbing lines back. Or turn on the pump and follow the noise.
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If it needs to be replaced it probably will not make any noise.
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I've never heard of needing to cut bulkheads to access a buried pressure water pump. There is usually a pre-filter on the pump which requires regular servicing. Also, like all pumps, this is a periodic repair/replace item. The yards proposal is ridiculous.

I second; start at the water tank and follow the outbound line.
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I have a 1992 2300SCR. The pump on mine is located on the wall right beside the fresh water tank. To access this, open the small access hatch held on with screws that is located in the mid berth, in the wall between it and the bathroom.
I know this is a very late post, but better than nothing.
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For what it's worth,
I had a 1997 2300sc. It had a teak slotted ski-locker on the main deck between the seats.
After i pulled the tank and reached way in to the pump from the cabin, I found that there is a 2-screw access plywood door forward of the ski locker that when removed, gave me easy access to the old pump.
Of course, the model and year difference between our boats may make this comment worthless.
Good luck!

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