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Thumbs up Maxum 1800 SC - Second hand purchase advise

Hi Everyone,

Delighted to see this forum exists with a vibrant community..

I'm just about to purchase a 2001 - Maxium 1800 SC.. Its got a 4.3 Mercruiser Engine and in mint condition.
It's my first boat so I cant tell if I'm really excited or really scared.. LOL... Took it out for a spin on Saturday and it runs like a dream..

I joined looking for some advice from this forum about a few things and hopefully in a few years I can help with other queries too :-)

The boats engine has been "revamped" aparently the previous owner hit the outboard leg and sent the engine off to the UK to be reconditioned.
It has a new outboard leg (alpha one) looks in great condition and new prop. It turned first time without any issues. Im going to get a friend
who is an engine mechanic to give it the once over anyway.

In the last 3 years it has had a fully reconditioned engine including
  • New exhaust manifoulds
  • New gearbox
  • New Alpha one generation 2 drive
  • New propeller/impeller kit
  • New gimble bearing
  • New drive & exhaust boots
  • New control cable kit
  • New gauges fitted
  • New start motor and battery.
  • Good service history for the past 3 years
So the niggly things that I would love some insights on.

1. Is there anything with this model/hull/engine I should specifically look out for?
2. The engine cuts out when returning from reverse into neutral slowly. Fast action seems to be OK but you can hear it somewhat struggle
3. Seller mentioned the fuel pump is always on when the battery switch is turned on.. Should this be with ignition turn only?
4. Not really much documentation with the boat.. Does the SC exist? All I see are SR and MX.

Anything else I should be aware of maintenance wise? after purchasing this beautiful boat..

Many thanks :-)
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Welcome Aboard

1. The impeller should be replaced every 2 years per Mercruiser.

2. The Alpha has a dog clutch which requires a shift interrupt switch that temporally shorts the ignition to remove load on the clutch when shifting out of gear. Moving the throttle too slowly will result in the switch being closed too long and kill the engine. Also doing this results in chatter of the dog clutch causing wear. You need to make crisp quick shifts out of gear.

3. This year uses an electric fuel pump that gets power from the starter solenoid when starting and once started by an oil pressure switch once the engine is running. If the pump never turns off when the engine is off this needs to be addressed and is most likely a bad oil pressure switch.

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Thank you mmwjr! Very much appreciated!!

If anyone has anything else to add please do :-)
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