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Default Depth sounder replacement

Has anyone replaced the in-hull transducer? Or is it a through hull type?
I have a 1997 2400 SCR and mine has quit working and I am not sure if it can be replaced or if I should install a transom mounted one. The boat is in the water for the summer and I really don't want to take it out.

Looks like the depth finder is a Humingbird HDR200.


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get a new shoot thru transducer and you can epoxy the tube to the hull...or if your old transducer is mounted in a tube...(bout 3 in tall) can pull the old one out and replace it with the new one...but don't forget to make sure it's sitting in an light oil bath to transfer the sound thru the hull.....but the shoot thru is the way you want to go..


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I've just installed a shoot thru and I agree with Seapuppy. It is much easier than having to put an extra hole in the boat. Only downside is you don’t get a water temp if your unit is equipped with that.
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The new In-Hull shoot thru specs say not to be used in a sandwich type hull, and must be solid fiberglass. I am thinking the 1997 2400 has a layer of plywood and wouldn't work unless I removed the old one and put the new one in the same spot?

SP, mine looks like it is epoxied right to the fiberglass, no tube. So I don't know how hard that would be to remove. Probably impossible. I am thinking of just buying one and trying it. It is only money!
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Sorry to revive such an old thread here but I also have an HDR200 in my 96 2100SR. The unit has failed so I need to replace the entire unit. Did you just replace the transducer on yours or was it a complete swap out?
I am trying to keep mine in-dash but am running into issues. The unit is NLA from Bayliner (no surprise here) so no joy there. The standard HDR200 is just a normal rear mount with front chrome bezel like any normal guage would be. The OEM unit is not like this though. It has a flat plastic face with 4 screw holes around it. The dash panel only has a small rectangle cutout large enough for the LCD screen and nothing more. Also, the standard HDR200 has the alarm set button on the face of it yet mine is wired to an in-dash rocker switch and has all wires (power, transducer, alarm and alarm set) coming out the rear where standard does not have alarm set wires (because the button is on face).

I did find an HDR200 on EBay for $75 so I ordered one and am hoping I can modify it or steal the guts from it to get mine working again. Just wondering is anyone else has gone through this pain or did you simply drill the hole and face mount it or relocate somewhere else and give up on the in-dash look?
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