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Default Battery Trickle Charger

I have a 2006 Maxum 1800 SR 4.3 L CARB HP190 when I bought the boat last year the previous owner told me to disconnect the battery after each use. He did put in a second battery but only one battery cable. Yesterday I had a the batteries wired together and battery switch installed.
My question is, what the least expensive battery trickle charger I should buy and what type and where? do I buy one that can charge 2 batteries at a time or just one? And what position should the switch be selected in when charging?
I just had the engine winterized so I won't be using it until the spring.

Thank You,

NewBoat Owner

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If I am understanding you there is now a battery select switch and the batteries are connect to Batt1 and Batt2 terminals and the Common is tied to the engine hot, correct?

A trickle charger is for only one battery and should not be left on all the time especially cheap ones as they will continue to provide charge all winter and the result is the battery gets overcharged and boil.

A dual bank charge is a good way to go and a bank is connected to each battery or the Batt terminal on the switch.

I recommend charging the batteries then removing the negative wire, this will prevent them from being discharged by always power things such as radio memory.

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Exactly as Mike suggests. Since 1990 I have always fully charged my batteries on the boats, then disconnected the neg terminal (isolate it in a poly bag taped closed). Come back the following April and batteries have always been between 93% to 97% charged.
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