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Default 2000 Maxum 2100 listing to port while under power

I'm new around here so looking to see if I'm crazy or just a total NOOB... my 2000 Maxum 2100 seems to be listing hard to the port side while applying power or at speed. It turns better to the starboard and when turning port it feels like the it is clear down in the water.
I've relocated passengers and cargo which helps a little but still doesn't seem to move the imbalance to the other side no matter what I do...

Is this normal because of the prop rotation or something to that effect? What else could I try to better balance the ride?


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I have the same boat, and that's not normal. Hopefully one of the experts on this site can help

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Az, youu need to determine if list is caused by weight or by drivetrain.

You should start by determining if list is present with the boat sitting dockside, engine off. Try to get a head-on view from a distance and see if it is leaning to one side or the other. Next, do this check again, only this time have a large friend in the boat. Have him stand all the way to port, then all the way to starboard side. Does the boat lean the same amount on each side?
You mention that the list is under power. Is the list bigger when more power is applied? What about when you are getting a heavy list under power, then suddenly reduce power, does the list go away?
When underway and listing, try trimming your drive out and see if list is reduced as drive goes up.
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Do you have trim tabs and is starboard tab stuck down?
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Turning sharper in one direction as opposed to the other is more than likely a result of the rotational direction of the prop.
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