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Default Looking to Purchase 1996 Maxum 1900 SR 4.3LX

Hi Everyone,

New member here and new boater! I'm in the process of looking to buy my first boat and wanted to get your expert opinions on this particular boat I'm looking at:

I saw on a website that said this particular model came with a v8. Is that a cause for concern? Did I misread this? If you all were buying from a private owner what would be the major things you would be asking/looking for to ensure your getting the best deal.

Thanks for your input!


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Hi azzkkr28, welcome aboard!!! Unfortunately, the post has been removed by author, so not much insight on that particular boat. I would not call a V8 cause for concern. Oddly, the 4.3 is NOT a V8 so I'm not sure if the poster listed the wrong engine size or number of cyclinders, however since it doesn't appear available I suppose it doesn't matter much.

I would be looking at condition of decks, sole, transom, and that everything works. There is no such thing as "All it needs is <item> and it's running". If that is all it needed, the seller would have most likely done it. "IT ran when I put it away" is another one. Who cares if it ran when you put it away, does it run NOW??

Take it for a test drive. Consider getting a marine surveyor to look at if you are seriously going to put money down on it.

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Well, as Shrew said, it is no longer listed so I guess it does not matter much anymore
In my personal opinion a 4.3 is a bit small for this boat. It really does depend on how you plan to use the boat though.
So what uses to you envision for your next boat? Do you plan on just cruising around? Do you plan on watersports such as tubing, skiing, wakeboarding?
If just cruising around the 4.3 will be fine. Not the fastest out of the hole or on top end but you will appreciate it when it is time to fill up.
If skiing is planned, I think you need a V8 for that size boat. You can change props to help on the holeshot but at the end of the day, you are limited on your torque with the 4.3 and will struggle to pull skiers out of the water if there are a few in the boat and the skier is not a child. I think you would do best with a 5.0 or better yet a 5.7 for the 19-21ft range. If in the 17-18ft range a 4.3 or 5.0 would be ok.
Tubing and kneeboarding does not take much power so the 4.3 would be fine for either of these activities. I have no experience in wakeboarding but would not expect it to be too demanding, probably less than slalom skiing for sure since the board is pretty wide.
I grew up slalom skiing so I do know what kind of power you need to yank someone out of the water here
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Definitely test drive a 1996. Check to make sure all of the gauges and trims work. Watch the engine while it's operating in water to check for leaks, and check the bilge after the test drive. Make sure there are no soft spots on the deck. Does it come with a trailer?
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I have to disagree with mcoffey on the motor size. I have a 1900SR with the 4.3 and it has more than enough power to Ski, Wakeboard and do just about anything you want, unless you want to spend all your money on fuel at the local marina, in which case I would go for the V-8. Yes the hole shot is not as good as you will get with a bigger motor, but smart tabs and a lower pitch prop can help. I do have to admit that pulling a first time slalom skier out would be difficult, but that's what dock starts are for.

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i have even been pulling a skieer with the same engine (4,3 vortec) in combi with a 2300 scr (original prop)
the skieer however was experienced (getting out of the water is tougher).
thge V6 is a bit light but like said before is a pleasure in youre wallet
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AllI can say is I have never heard of anyone that wished they had a smaller engine in their boat. Yes the 4.3 is better on fuel. It does have good power and will pull skiers. I was just stating that if you are using it for skiing, a V8 would be better and you would be much happier with the choice. Yes, an experienced skier can get up no matter what boat is pulling them, I have even been pulled by 4 cylinder boats that could barely get out of its own way. Forget pulling 2 or 3 at a time and forget a first timer or intermediate skier. They will struggle if you don't get them out quickly. Again, this is just my opinion here as I believe they would be much happier with a V8 if used for skiing.

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