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Question Cover for 1800 SR3


I have a problem with my cover which is fitted to the boat. I have the original Maxum cover, but have also got a very high quality cover that was made when i bought the boat. My problem is that when the two covers are fitted there is an area from the support pole to the engine hood where water pools.

After a day of rain the water has seeped through both covers and into the boat. My question is that what is the best way to waterproof the vessel without causing problems with mold and damp. I have looked for help from a cover maker who says that you will not get a waterproof cover due to the stitches which run down the center of the custom made cover, which i can understand. I had thought of getting the cover re-waterproofed but cannot see that this will work

The two things that i can think that would solve the problem would be to raise the cover with a wedge of some sort to enable the water to just run off or buy a thick waterproof tarpaulin without stitches and lay it over the boat. This would also mean that there would be some ventilation around the edges

I should also add that the cover must be as easy as possible to fit as it will be done by the marina.

Thanks for any ideas you may be able to give me

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I use a high quality full cover (like a car cover) on my 2400 SC3 (the boat is kept on it's trailer when not in use). There is a support pole that holds it up in the center of the cockpit, and there are no low spots. The fabric is treated with something and water simply rolls right off, even over the seams. However, if snow accumulates on the cover and creates a depression from the weight a slight amount of water seems to seep through as the snow melts.

If there's no snow, only rain, it does not leak at all.


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Hi, thanks for your response.

Snow is not such an issue as the boat will be undercover from September to April in the UK

I have spoken to someone today who has advised me to get more straps around the sides of the cover in the hope that this will make the water slide off easier.

I am also going to apply some Fabsil Gold to the surface of the cover which should prevent the water from laying along with the extra support from the side straps.

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