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Default Shrew cleans up....

Being stuck on the couch with my tablet with all this rain that has gone threw the Midwest for the last couple of days and Maxumland being alittle slow, I wake this morning to see more than a handful of new threads taken care of by our forum leader, Mr. Shrew. Just an observation, sometimes it is good to put an end to a thought and get on with life which he has done. Turn the page. Next chapter. El Fin!

It does seem that we hash the same stuff over and over but that is what a boating forum is suppose to do, help boaters fix things. Sometimes a problem so small to one boater is a big cliff for another or vice versa. I know I appreciate all the advise that I get from everyone here.

I'm done, rain has stopped, I'm going outside to winterize my engines today.


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Eh, kinda the same on any forum I've been on. Boats,Mini Coopers, sport bikes, 4x4 conversions, Jet skis...

Gosh, now that I look at the list, its now wonder I'm broke. Maybe I need to consider some cheaper hobbies one of these days! Lol,

Anyway, there always newbies, and there are always people helping them in some capacity or another.

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I was up at 4 am to catch a 7am flight. I was bored while sitting at the airport. I hadn't logged onto the forum in 4-5 days prior to that. I must have felt guilty.
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shrew you were a busy bee this morning. Hope you have a nice flight.

Roger yes this site has been slow, actually most of the year. Really been dead from the boys down under.
I just hope it is a sign that folks and enjoying a trouble free season.
1997 Silverton 362, 7.4 Crusaders
1997 2400 SCR, 5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2

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