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Lt. JG
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Default Anchor locker drainage

I've been tracing out the rain water flow in my SR 2300 bowrider. I've found that water coming into the anchor locker either from rain or from a wet anchor rode, drains into a void directly behind it and then through holes on either side of the void into the carpeted stowage areas under the seats. from there it moves aft and into the sump under the forward stowage locker, which also drains into this sump. There is then about a one inch lip which prevents the accumulated water from flowing into the next void which actually does then drain aft to the engine compartment and bilge pump.

In essence the bow of the boat accumulates water with can not drain by itself and which may develop mold and mildew(mine looked like a Science fair project) in addition to adding to the forward weight of the boat.

Has anyone else run into this? Is this the way it's supposed to be? Any suggestions?

Thanks, John

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My 2800scr is the same, the windlass rope compartment is basically open to the waves, and then runs under the boat all the way to the rear birth bilge pump.

I would figure a drain hole in the bow, would splash more wave water into the bow then it drained like a scupper...

If it not broke don't fix it.....

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Wow Pas' that is really odd. What year is your 2800? My anchor locker is only accessible tothe deck via a hawse. The only locker door is in the v-berth inside of the cabin. My hwse has a cap, but water does get in there through the opening from rain, when I hose the boat down, etc. However, mine has a drain and a thorugh hull right there. Now the A/C underneath the vberth drains its condensation tray inot the forward bilge which drains all the way to the fwd bilge pump but that is another story.
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Lt. JG
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I just think that it is strange that this area which takes on water whenever it rains, drains into a carpeted area under each of the forward, bow rider, cushions. Also that there are dams about an inch or so high which prevent all of the water from the forward part of the boat from draining directly into the bilge (again causing water to back up into, or not drain from, the carpeted area). I,m talking about permenantly. installed carpet not the snap in stuff.

I'm just wondering if anyone else finds this to be a problem and if anyone developed solutions.

Shrew, Pas', it looks like you are talking about sCrs and not the SR bow rider configuration, but I appreciate your wisdom and experience.
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I agree, John, seems like the drainage was not well thought out. Hard to say without seeing some good photos but could you drill holes in, or cut sections out of, the dams to allow the water to make it's way to the bilge?

The anchor locker on my 2400 SC3 drains over board.
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