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Default a little work and good results.

Hi all.. Something went strange with my origianl login - vvfb (which was supposed to be vffb anyway) so I got frustrated and just re-registered.. (Hope that isn't a prob)...

Anyway took boat out two weeks ago, day before weeklong cottage trip... Managed to nail a brick with prop in launch area as boat drifted in to close when others were having a fun time trying to get in.. (No dock at this one FREE launch).
Took prop to mechanic (being new and unsure of anything) He said it would be fine for trip as it was only slightly damaged (couple of little nicks), so we left it on and had a good weekend. Found though that boat was kinda poor getting on plane with kids on tube / kneeboard etc. First time trying this too. Anyway we got back and went to local shop told them problem and ended up with new prop - old going in to get fixed up.
Boat is a 3L merc with A1 G2 outdrive. old prop was a 14.5x21P went with a 14.5x19P new one. Had it out last night and hole shot much better, handled a bit nicer too. Old prop gave me 40 - 42 MPH at WOT of 4700RPM, new was only at 35MPH at near WOT of 4600RPM (probably coulda pushed it a little more.) I think the old prop once back will become "the spare"...

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Sometimes you have to experiment with the props to see what will work for you. Know your max RPM's , then load up the boat and see what happens.

Get in a habbit of checking the outdrive fluid just you know you didn't mess a seal up with your prop accident.

If that fluid starts to turn milky brown on you........ you better get it checked out.


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Had boat out on weekend, sadly only the one day.. Lake way too choppy rest of the time. Of course it was almost glass smooth when it was time to go home...
New prop worked just terriffic. Have checked all fluid regularly - all is good.
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Congrats and thanks for the update....Now take some pic's....we like pic's...lots and lots of pic's!!

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