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Default Outdrive Haudraulics

My outdrive hydraulics have been acting up. The solenoids would click, but the pump wouldn't run with every push of the button. Figured it was the same issue I had with the starter slave solenoid so I finally dug into the bowels of my 1900 SR Alpha 1 G2. The PO had added a second battery so I'm not sure if the hydraulics are in the same place as OEM. Anyway, I don't have easy access to the reservoir and got my first look at the fluid today and it's a milky brown. I know this is evidence of water infiltration, but I'm not sure how serious this is. Unlike gear oil, I do not have any concerns about ruining the I am just replacing it, but I wanted to probe the great depth of knowledge here before I put it back together. Any tips on the milky brown fluid?

As for the solenoid, I replaced it and found the old one had the contacts all arc striked and pitted, same as the starter slave solenoid. Bonus is that they are the same solenoid and I got to re-preserve the bracket that had started to rust away. Also found a bulged hydraulic line while it was out.


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Default sounds like the seals on the ram pistons are gone..they need to be rebuilt.......but.....if they are bennett trim rams...give bennett a call and they will probably send you new rams or a rebuild kit....


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I guess it could be worse if it was the drive lube that was milky brown instead of the trim hydraulics. Nevertheless if water is getting into the system then that water may start to corrode the metals. Is it salt or fresh water? Good catch though, flush it all out well and keep an eye on it.

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Thanks for the tips guys. She's all back together and works perfectly.
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