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Default 99 maxim scr 3700 dead bilges

Good afternoon or morning.

As the title states I have a 99 scr 3700 all my bilges stopped at once. After doing some troubleshooting all of the lost power. I've flipped every switch up on deck and below in the aft cabin break nothing any other idea would be greatly welcomed

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Since they all stopped at the same time it must be something in common. Have you checked breaker/fuse? You may have a broken wire that is a common positive or negative supply. Time to break out the voltmeter, I would start by verifying power at the switches.

Another question, do they work if you lift the float switches?

Was any work done since they last worked?

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There are variables being overlooked here. I would expect each bilge pump to have two circuits (Dash switch and Float switch). I would not expect multiple bilge pumps to be on the same circuit.

Either they are wired incorrectly, or the is a larger common denominator here.

Pick a bilge pump
start at both circuits to the bile pump and use a voltmeter and start working back to the fuses and 12v bus.

12v uses a common ground. If the ground is daisy-chained from pump to pump, and the ground was open anywhere along the route, that could impact all pumps. I'm not sure why you'd do that as one fault would take out all of the pumps.
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