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Default Water leak on midcabin floor


We have spent the last two weeks living in our boat (Maxum 2700 SCR -00) and when we changed our sheets in the midcabin we noticed that it was wet in some places. I took up the big mattress and took away the interior and on the midcabin floor there was a couple of wet spots. Especially in one place but there was also a couple of minor wet spots in the middle of the floor. The only place I can think of that the water is coming from is the water hoses that goes behind the port wall to the kitchen sink.

But I can’t easily get to the hoses from the midcabin and neither from the machine room. From the machine room they are also fixed with some marine silicone. I think the leak has been there for a while because there’s some mold in the midcabin.

It hasn’t been raining the last days so I think the water comes from the inside of the boat. Before this season I’ve sealed the screws and “rubber list” and have successfully stopped a leak I had earlier on the midcabin wall.

The strange thing is that the wet spots are so random and the minor ones are so spread on the floor..

Have any of you experienced this and how is the best way to find the leak? Should I try to take away the seal-material from the hoses and loosen them in the kitchen sink and see if I can find the leak? Or can the leak come from somewhere else?

I have tried to explain the leak with an image in the attached file.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
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if you turn on your water pump, and it goes off, and stays off, then you don't have a water line leaking. the pump has a pressure switch, and if you had a leak the pressure would go down in the line and run the pump..... you'd hear that leak..

if you have a/c, the a/c drip pan goes right into the hull, down and out.

your windless, anchor rope, and horn cover plate all drain down into the hull.

so, you have a traveling leak.

get a garden hose, soak the windows, then wait a few days, and see if its wet.

if no, then move up the hull, and soak your rub rail, again wait a week.

if no, move up to your bow rails, wiper motor, and final windshield.

do this over a two weeks, and you will find it.

i had a wet spot under my table, and it really went away after i waxed the non skit top surface of the box and walk rails on the sides, my thinking is it help sheet the water off the boat, and the wax got into the knooks and cranies.

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Hmm.. The only thing we have been running that we usually don't is the air condition (but not for long) - can the drip pan get full and then drip over/leak right into the midcabin-floor? Can you empty it yourself and how do you do?

Maybe the mold and fairly wet/moist corner in the midcabin is another leak.

The weird thing is that it was so wet in the midcabin when it hadn't been raining for over 4 days. The AC we had on for just a couple of minutes a couple of days before we noticed the leak.

When I had the AC on "RUN" I could hear dripping outside the boat into the sea, maybe it shall do that or maybe the drip pan was full and the AC tried to empty it but couldn't do it all the way (?)..

I live in Sweden so we actually don't really need the AC, I were just trying that it was in function..

Thanks for your help.

Edit: one thing that I came to think about is that when we were out 1 week before we noticed the leak there came two big rain showers when we didn't have the canvas up. Maybe the leak/wet spots is from then, if the water hadn't dried in 1,5 week.
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I have a SCR2700, but a 1990 version so I don't know if any of what I have to say is appropriate for your boat or not.

I had a wet spot in my rear cabin also, the left rear corner under the mattress was damp and moldy. This is the corner that's right under the cockpit controls, or behind the galley.

What I did was to try to waterproof around my engine controls. I used some RTV to seal the joint between the controls and the fiberglass.

Next I tried to waterproof between the aluminum dashboard and the fiberglass. I got some rubber gasket materiel that had adhesive on one side and placed that on the fiberglass around the joint where the aluminum dashboard is seated.

This seemed to dry up the rear berth for me.

Note that on my boat just in the corner of the rear berth where this wet spot was located is an access hatch. If you remove this hatch you can see that just above it is where a lot of lines run up to the dashboard.

Good luck in finding your leaks.
My 1990 Maxum was sold today. I had it less than one year, but it was good to me!

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