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Question 1998 41' SCA Height / Hardtop removal

Hi Guys, I am in the process of buying a 1998 41ft SCA and I hope you can help me (I have only have small (<23') fishing boats). I cannot find the total true height of the vessel. Also what difference in total height would removing the hard top make, and is it fairly easy for a boat yard to remove or what can be removed to lower the height for shipping both by road then sea, or does anyone have experience of shipping these?

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Mad traveller where you moving the boat too?, I exported from the USA to Australia and have a few good contacts

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As I have said before........ any professional transportation company that comes out and measures your boat and once the route is known will only then know if the top comes off or not after they measure this boat.

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The specs are on
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Sounds like if you have a hard top on an SCA, you are one of the few. Unless you are referring to the rear deck cover where the radar is located. Must be after market? Wish mine was HT instead of canvas.
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Hi Glenn111, any marine fiberglass shop can custom build a hardtop to replace the canvas one. Just cost $$$. Get an estimate to see if it's in your budget.
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The last flybridge boat I saw get prepped for international travel was an older Egg Harbor. They removed the entire flybridge and laid it on the forward deck, then shrink wrapped it. This boat did not have a hard top. If you are going to transport both over road and sea, be prepared to disassemble and reassemble the boat. You should not need to worry aout this. You will either hire someone to take care of the transportation prep, or the transport company will take care of it (and most likely add it to the bill).

Think of it this way. When you hire a furniture moving company, they don't expect you to load their truck for them or to tell them how the furniture needs to be loaded. After all, you're spending a @#$#-ton of money. You might as well let them do their jobs and earn it.
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In general the transport company does not get involved in removing fly bridges, radar arches, etc. Nor would I want them to. The yards at either end need to take apart and rebuild your boat. You want to make sure both know their jobs well
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Thanks DBriceno. Maybe we're splitting hairs here. I could have been clearer but didn't intend to insinuate that the driver is going to start dissasembling the boat. Unless you hire some guy from Craig's List, these companies are in the Marine Transport business. Either you hire a guy to prep the boat, or they can assist with someone in the area who can do it for you. These folks are in the logistics business and I assume you would be hiring a Marine Transport company who specializes in this type of work.

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