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Default 99scr3000 port genny

Hey all,

I have a 4000watt backup generator that we purchased for our home a few years ago. We live up north so the generator wont be used during the summer months. I figure this should be enough for the AC, and any of our other needs.

The SCR has enough room to fit it on the port side inside the engine compartment. I figured I would go ahead and fabricate a bracket for it to be secured. It has a RV hookup already built in on the generator but I was going to just grab 2 adapters to convert for it to be plug and play with the dual 30amp cords.

I have a blower for the engine compartment with the switch at the helm. I understand most use the generator on the swim platform but if it was setup in the engine bay ideally would I just not be able to turn the generator on shut the engine hatch and just turn on the blower for the duration of use?

I understand this may over utilize the blower.

Just trying to keep it off the platform.

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No! Do not do this, you risking you life and those of the passengers.

That genny is not ignition protected to operate in the engine compartment nor set up for proper ventilation, exhaust, cooling, air intake. Marine units are water cooled including the exhaust just like your engines.

A home genny can be used if ran on the swim platform.

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i agree with you 100% the CO2 alone will kill the people and the heat will prob set engine room on fire and god know what else could go wrong ,they also run at a high rpms for 50 or 60 cycles . Def no in my book. If you mount on swim platform some what safer but can be risky also.
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Like Mike say, you can use it in the swim platform but not in the engine rum.
I'm glad you post your intention. Now you know is a big NO!
I use my honda 2000IE on the swim platform when we need to use the AC and is ok. But again, the honda is quiet...
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Even if you could .....if the Coast Guard would see that they would impound your boat in a heart beat. If you have too a Honda 2000 on the swim platform or up on the anchor pulpit.

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You will fill the cabin with carbon monoxide (CO). The fan won't be sufficient to remove it. The generator is not ignition protected. The generator is air cooled, the space will get too hot.

I strongly suggest you consider another option.

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