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Lightbulb Oil Gauge not working

I just got a 2006 Maxum 1800 SR3 and the oil gauge does not work. The previous owner said that it always worked but who knows. I am wondering if a wire was just knocked loose or something. Does anyone know where I could check for this or any other ideas? Thanks!

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The oil pressure sending unit is on the left side of the engine, aft of the distributor, and about halfway down the block. The female spade connector on mine was loose, so I squeezed it with pliors.

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I had same issue. Check continuity of the pressure sender, wiring, gauge, as well as fuses under the instrument panel. I did all that and everything checked good so I was stumped. Engine oil level was good so I decided to just live with the problem for now. Took it out on the water and the gauge started working. With all of the wire checking I may have done like rscotta says and tightened the connection. BTW, my sender is on the starboard side, blue wire connected to the end.
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Thanks! I will check all the connections again and the fuses and see how that goes. Also, with the gauge not working, would that trigger the alarm to go off because it thinks there is no oil?
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The guage has a oil pressure sending unit and the alarm has a oil pressure switch. Both are located at the same place as describe by the others. If you are having issues with both you may a real presssure problem. do you hear any noises from the engine? knocking, ... I would not run the engine until you determine the fault here otherwise you may destroy it. A way to check is to get a mechanical pressure guage and connet it to the engine to see what it reads.
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