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Angry Sliding Door is Breaking!

Hello all (2002 2700 SCR),

I'll start by saying that I have read many forums on this, but still don't know how to fix it.

The upper channel on the sliding door is broke but I've managed to keep it together by inserting folded washcloths.
Now I've found 2 wheels from what I assume are the rollers, laying on the deck.

I found what I believe to be the same channel/trucks at but have no clue how to really replace them.

One site said to un-screw the lower part of the door and lift it out. But how do I get the new channel/trucks in? Another site said you have to remove the helm...yikes!!!!

Can someone supply detailed instructions on how to fix this?

I hope to finish the season with the broken door and fix it next year, but I promise to document the fix and supply information and pictures upon completion.

Thank you!!!!!

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If you go here:

Then select: PARTS CATALOGUE -> 2002 -> SPORT CRUISERS -> 2700SCR

You will see various parts and diagrams. Chapter #7 (Deck Hardware) has a section called "PORT FWD. COCKPIT ENTRY DOOR" which should be on pages # 4 ~ 5 of Ch. 7.

It includes the original part numbers and some diagrams. notice on Pg 4 Ch7 the diagram shows the helm off. I suspect you can remove the door by unscrewing the lower part an lifting the door. I'm not sure if you're going ot be able to install new truck/rollers without removing the helm. It would help to see it in person.

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Thanks shrew (#$%^! Marinemax).

I guess I'll tackle it next Spring.

I contacted Marinemax and was told they don't service Maxums.

They were more then happy to take my money when I bought it from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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