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Default salinity in the chesapeake bay

I was curious about how much "Salt" was in the water here in the Bay.... Thought I'd share....

Chesapeake Bay

The highest mean salinity (16.0 to 16.8 ppt) occurred during October 17 to December 16, with November 19 and 20 having the highest value. The lowest mean salinity (10.210.9 ppt) occurred during April 15 to June 10, with lowest value of 10.2 ppt on April 27, 30, and May 1. There were 187 days between dates of mean highest and mean lowest salinity. The lowest individual salinity recorded was 5.4 ppt on June 7, and the highest was 20.9 ppt on December 12. Coincidently, 188 days separate these day-of-the-year occurrences.

Atlantic Ocean

On average, the Atlantic is the saltiest of the world's major oceans; the salinity of the surface waters in the open ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand (3.3 - 3.7%) by mass and varies with latitude and season. Surface salinity values are influenced by evaporation, precipitation, river inflow, and melting of sea ice. Although the minimum salinity values are found just north of the equator (because of heavy tropical rainfall), in general the lowest values are in the high latitudes and along coasts where large rivers flow into the ocean. Maximum salinity values occur at about 25 north and south of the equator, in subtropical regions with low rainfall and high evaporation.
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