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Default Refridge DC Power Requirements

I have to purchase a "Y" cable for my AC land lines as our dock slip only provides one 30 amp outlet. So right now, we have power to only one side of the breaker panel on our 3000 SCR. We chose to power the battery charger with the AC line and leave the fridge running on DC power. How long can we operate this way? Days, Weeks? Thx,

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I'm not an expert, but the constant charging/draining on the baqttery(ies) has got to be tough on it. At the least I would expect the battery(ies) to go bad fast (e.g. one year at the most before needing replacing). Anyone else out there got an idea?

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Depends how big a capacity the battery charger is

If it has a larger charging ability than the appliances they will effectively run off the battery charger and the batteries will be fine

If its a smaller capacity you could work it out (Providing the batteries are good) by subtracting the charging current from the load and dividing it in to the amp/hr of the batteries obviously this is approximate

Normal Lead acid batteries the car type don't mind being discharged and charged as long as they are not deeply discharged that does shorten the life of the battery. so does leaving them discharged
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Default Refrigerator on DC power

The refrigerator can run on DC but I would not make a habit of it. The system should be run with the generator if you plan on having it on for any length of time.
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why aren't you running the ships panel on parallel???...shut down non-essential heater..etc....that should be more than enough to run everything on ac...that's what I do...fridge...charger....acc. is the only thing that is running on ac...

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