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Default Ready to stretch our legs - overnight shore power question

The Admiral and I have been moving along in our training plan and we're about ready to start to do some overnights (north or south of the Cape Canaveral area on the ICW), either on a ball or spend some $$s and do a non-local marina.

On the ball is easy - we'll run the generator for cooking and then just go DC for the lights and a fan. Eventually we'll install an inverter and additional battery, but need to build up some fat in the budget first. Will only be using the inverter to supply tv/stereo, CPAP and probably charge phones/tablets (though we can do that using the 12VDC receptacles also)

The boat is has the single 50A/24VAC (split internally to two 120VAC legs) and I have a 50ft 50A shore power cable.

With prior planning I figure I'll be able to find 50A at a marina, but if they only have 30A available when I show up then what's the drill? Should I carry a 30A to 50A (single) adapter plug if all I can get is the one 30A connects AND a dual 30A pigtail that then plugs into the 50A cable?

When I'm plugged into 30A - with either the single or pigtail - what should I expect to see on my AC panel (has a switch to read voltage on each of the internal legs.

Thanks in advance ... any other advice about that first trip venturing 'afar' would be much appreciated. I'm using local knowledge from forums and Active Captain's Live Map as a starter for marina research before calling the marinas themselves.

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I'm so glad I have 2 x 30amp inputs. Not everywhere is going to have 50A service. I would probably get a 30a->50amp and 2x30amp->50amp just to be safe.

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You say you have 30 to 50A adapter.
That is all you need. You use the 30 to 50 on the shore power cord side.
Everything stay the way you normal connecting to the boat.
Good luck and have fun.
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