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Default My 1750 XR is nearly ready

Found a great marine engineer that does work on the side, when he saw the boat he recognised it as he had worked on it before, a loving owner who threw money at it to make sure it was in tip top condition

The leg and 3L engine have now had a full service (impeller was in bits) need a new switch for the trim as the motor is fine and he checked the loom etc so will fit a new switch tomorrow. Fired her up and adjusted timing and the carb gasket was sucking in huge amount of air, so he will replace that tomorrow.

Mooring is paid for and my space is waiting for me, just got the wiring to finish on my towbar and ready to drop her in this weekend hopefully for a trouble free season of fun

How much abuse can the 3L take, i think they were called the iron duke in the american cars back in the day 1997. He told me that it has already had new big ends as the oil pressure was low, and that he had previously fitted some plate thing to the engine and filled it with silicone as they are natorious of letting water in and corroding (looked like a fan belt metal cover )

This will be my 1st proper season with her, if going for say 30 mins or an hour jaunt, is it 3.5k revs i should keep to so as not to stress the engine, or can i give it the beans and just keep an eye on the temp?

Thought i woul;d share this here as its a great forum and would like to see the numbers rise

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I use to say that it takes about three years to get all the bugs out of a used boat. Oil changes, outdrive fluid changes, water seperator filter changes and impellars changes will keep that maxum of yours as you say "In tip top condition".

Have fun boating!


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actually the way to run that engine is to check the WOT..wide open throttle...check what your max rpm should be between 4400-4800 rpm...any higher you need a deeper pitched prop....any lower and your over propped...
then run it at 2/3-3/4 max....your going to want to learn to trim the drive up to free up the'll feel answer your question...don't run it full bore for long....the engine won't last long that way...

have fun!!
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Well there was a slight hitch this evening. The 'O' ring wasnt a tight enough fit when the leg was removed and it was sucking water inti the engine compartment The marine guy doing it is very keen to make sure everything is good then check again.

The faulty switch i had that was intermitent and stopped me raising or lowering the leg turns out to be a break in the wiring thats all tucked up under the side of the boat, he thought that may be the case so came over with a new loom he had made

So nearly ready to drop her in the water. OH, and on the main engine wiring loom he showed me a lump of corosion on the positive wire and said if that hit an earth it would cause trouble, he said its a job i can do...just need to cut the bad out and rejoin and tape it all up.

Fortunately he is doing this on the side of his marine engineer job so the rates are very good, people did say i could do the service myself (which maybe i could) but he sees potential damage that i dont, and runs the engine, adjusts timing and mixture and checks the gearing etc. With the cost of parts i dont think its worth doing it yourself unless 100% competent, you know what engines and outdrives cost to rebuild or replace

BTW looks like we are in for a couple of hot weeks here in the UK, and the tide times are high tide at midday this weekend
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