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Default Mounting a Seawatch Antenna and a Flat Screen

Its that time of year again up north here. Looking to install an antenna on the radar arch on a 2800 SCR. Anyone fished the coax through to the cabin?

I have looked at most of the posts about mounting and I am looking for more specifics. 1st time taking on such a project.

The seaawatch model I have is the 3020, it is 12v. The TV i am going to install is a 32" LCD, obviously 110V.

Looking for ideas and shortcuts. I would like to mount the TV on the bulkhead wall that separates the head from the dinette. I removed that cover that covers up the windshield wiper motor, but as i got it about an inch away I noticed it is secured from the bottom by an L bracket. Any ideas here on removing this. I am going to then thru-bolt it on that 3/4 inch plywood wall.

I know there are a few of you out there that would see this as a pretty simple job and I would like to get any ideas, tips, pictures, or experiences doing this.

I did try to use the flat table top antenna, wasn't getting good results around the Chesapeake.

thanks guys


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In my 97 2800 SCR, there is only a chase between the radar arch and the deck on the starboard side. That is the side that everythign runs through. You could cut through on the Port side, but that would be a b!@#$.

The arch lights, anchor light and speaker wires already run down through the starboard side. It will drop right behind the panel above the headboard/locker in the midcabin. Behind there all the wiring and shifter cables from the helm run back to the engine compartment. Getting from that side forward of the head is going to be tough.

I would probably run it down the starboard side, then back into the engine compartment, across the top o fthe bulkhead between the engine compartment and midcabin, then up the port side. This will go through the port side hanging locker at the bottom of the cabin stairs and then behind the galley, thorugh the forward hanging locker and you should be up to the v berth.

However, it depends on the year of your 2800 as well.

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HI Ryan, I had 2800scr year 2000, I had mounted my tv on the side of the closet with an arm bracket ( the one that swivel), I had a 24 inch tv, on the antena I went to radio shack and i bought an adaptor that would split the cb radio antenna connector that will allow you to connect both to it, this will save you the money of the sea watch antenna, this worked for me, back then.
good luck.
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