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Default Maxum 3100 SE

Maxum 3100 SE-
Approx Weight- 12,838 lbs (5.823 kg)
length rigged- 24'8" (10.57 m)
Fuel-165 gal (624.6 L)
Twin 300 hp 5.7 ltr (350 MAG) engines with AXIUS plus seacore
Base Price is $176,824.00

The Axius drive system is a dream. Docking and undocking is performed without bow thrusters. Just grab the knob and move it in the direction you want to travel and the boat drives figure out how to move the boat for you.
I turned my back to the bow and put my butt next to the steering wheel, grabbed the Axius knob, then moved the knob in the direction I wanted to go and the boat moved where I wanted it to was so intuitive it wasn't funny...just pointing the knob towards an imaginary dock was simple. I was in the middle of the intercoastal water way completely stopped. I pushed the knob towards this bouy and the boat moved where I wanted it to go..Awesome to work. The lead engineer told me it was just like digital fly by wire we're putting in airplanes. I have to say it was impressive.

The Maxum 3100 is a beautiful boat. High freeboard on the boat tells me it will handle just about anything the seas can throw at the skipper and handle it well. There is ample storage on deck with a new electrical grill on the sunbridge. There is alot of room to entertain on the boat and with the new mp3 stereo system with kicker base, this will be a delight to spend the day having friends over for some shrimp on the barbie. The sunbridge table was beautifully made.

the interior is incredible with the rich cherry wood and one nice feature was the addition of a built in wine rack. The TV is hanging on the fwd bhd of the head/shower. One comment was the shower was a bit small comparatively speaking.

The wood decking was excellently done and all fit and finish is top knotch.

Now for one of my favorite things on the boat. A couple of yrs ago maxum invited me to see and comment on a new dash they were planning on introducing. At first I said ooooo...nice but then after looking at was ugly...I mean in the too sterile sense of the word...I'm pleased to see they have taken some of my comments to heart. The new dash takes some getting used too since one bank of engine gauges are on one side and the other set is on the other for each engine. The tach's are at the top and right where I need to see them flanking the speedo. In the middle of it all is the MFD (multi function display) that gave just about anything you wanted from radar info to sonar to gps at the touch of a button. This display is exactly the right size...HUGE!...all the information is clear and concise. there is room to add more gadgets if the owner wishes. At first I was amazed to see the new helm dash was installed. But after I got to drive the boat a bit...I liked it...I still had to get used to one set of engine gauges on each side of the MFD but it didn't take long ..

When driving the 3100, I was able to do what I wanted when I wanted..the boat was quick to plane and handled sharply and with authority. I really enjoyed this boat alot and I'd put this one on a short list for a step up.

It's beautifully appointed and smooth power delivery made it a real joy to drive. It handles wakes with barely a miss and comes up on plane at about 3k rpm. I drove the boat and didn't want to give it back.

the 3100 is a quality built and beautifully appointed boat that will definitely entertain with the best of them.

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