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Default just woke up from the Bayliner/Maxum Event

Hi boys and girls...
I just got back from the media event that DMCB and myself was invited to attend....pardon my posting here but I was really excited to post here before going to bed....It was an amazing 3 days!!!...
First off...I'd like to thank Amy Idzik and Page for thier outstanding efforts in the planning and executing of this event...The 2 girls kept us on track and hearded us around like cats.....making sure that our needs were met and we were able to test every boat and keep to the schedule...

The facilities provided were definitely top notch and the assistance provided by them was just incredible..

Second....Thanks to Bayliner/Maxum Staff for thier support and efforts in providing 12 boats for us to abuse (some guys abused them more than I did)...The staff was incredibly professional answering every question we asked and if they didn't know..they'd run off to find out the answers.....

The boats were awesome.....Doug McBurny and I were teamed up and drove all the boats together except for the 3700 maxum motor yacht.....we'll be writing our reviews this weekend and downloading pictures.....

I made a new friend these past few days ...doug and I were condo mates and got along great!!....Doug...thanks for playing on the boats with me!!...we had a ball....we have a new name for doug.....FTD....otherwise known as FULL THROTTLE DOUG!!...he knows 2 settings ....all on...all off!!!..that's it.....he got more airtime on the boats than a San Francisco Cabby!!.....
and if you need something done right DOUG IT!.....

Again...My Sincere thanks to Bayliner/Maxum for providing this event allowing doug and myself to drive these awesome boats!!..Thanks to Amy and Page for their efforts.......
And if someone says to you that bay and maxums are junk....laugh all the way to the bank....these boats will out perform 90% of the others out there for alot less money and economy will have thier heads scratching.......

We'll be posting our stories here this weekend.......
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