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Default Going to bring my boat to the Marina

Hi Everyone,
Going to do the Valet boat rack storage in Clinton CT this year but they won't take the Maxum without a cover. I have a full mooring cover that straps below the hull but I can't really put it on in the water. Was looking for a cockpit cover. I see that the Maxum customer care page has a cockpit cover part number but no price is listed.

I'm looking for one that attaches to the snaps on the windshield and along the sides to the back ya know a cockpit cover. Some people and websites refer to the whole car cover type bow to stern fabric a "cockpit cover". Anyway the Marina said they have canvas people that will make one for me. Any idea what that is going to run? Should I check with the bayliner dealer to see it the Maxum part# is still valid and will match the snaps on my windshield and side? I have viewed other postings typing cockpit cover in my search but none of the other threads answered my questions.


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Nautical Needles is local and can come out and have one made for you:

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you can still get maxum parts ...check the number with your local bayliner parts dept ....

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What boat is it Dave?

As far as the marina's canvas shop pricing, I think I'd start by figuring out how much money you have, and then give all of it to them. LOL

I think a "cockpit cover" and "morring cover" are one in the same. A full cover, bow to stern (like a car cover) I'd call a.......wait for it.....full cover.

I'd think the best for dry storage would be a full cover, as that would keep dust, bird droppings, and droppings from boats racked above yours, off of your boat. I'm guessing, though, that the valet service will not place the cover on the boat when they rack/un-rack it. Might check with them though, see if you can work out a deal.

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Thanks everyone I will check out Nautical Needles. I'm having the marina in Westbrook where I bought the boat put the batteries back in for me because the wiring looks screwed up and from there bringing it to the marina in Clinton.

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