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Default Gas Overflow

I stopped at my local gas station on the way to the lake and proceeded to fill up the boat. This was the first time I've put gas in it (the dealer threw in a free full tank when we bought it). So it's pumping away and I'm watching the dollars tick up and then the pump shuts off normally, just like a car when the pressure gets to a point. I reach for the handle and whoosh!, a fountain of gasoline spews from the tank fill tube going all over me and the back of the boat. I would estimate probably two pints.

What's the deal with that! Am I going to have pump a gallon at a time in this thing or what? I never had this happen in my old boat.

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The venting system in the boats can be a problem. The only thing I can suggest pump at the slowest setting possible, listen and watch the fuel vent. When the tank is almost full, you will hear a gurgling and start to see some fuel spitting from the vent. When that happens you are with in a gallon or two of full. I stop right there and avoid the gas volcano!

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You need to remember that a boat gas tank is not sealed like a Cars, so you cannot rely on the pump to shut itself off and if it does, then that means you have way too much fuel in the tank since it has came back up the fill line.

As mentioned, listen to the change in noise and stop it before it gets to that point. After awhile, you should know about how many gallons to put in it just from use.
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Default fuel tank

like Ken said...fuels systems are a problem on boats...check your vent line to make sure it's not plugged and there is a loop in it to prevent water injestion....
then go slow...if you can...tilt the boat bow down a bit.....
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