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Default Garmin GPS Antenna Mount

Anyone have any ideas of where to or how to flush mount a garmin antenna.

It only came with a clamp for a pole.. I actually drilled a hole starboard side right in front of the windshield and then i realized that it didnt come with anything to flush mount the antenna..

Im actually trying to learn to do these boat things myself, I have help from 2 other long time boaters at my marina also close friends for years (ones a mechanic the other an electrition/locksmith). So I know cant cant mess up that bad. I actually have them doing the drilling and cutting till I feel confident enough.

I also messed up real bad installing my fishfinder transducer. I forgot about the trim tabs, I believe they are going the same place where I mounted that. So it looks like im gonna have to redo that ops: ops:

Hey, im learning from my mistakes, but im learning..

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Default mistakes.. should see some of the F-ups I've done in the past....and had to fix or have's all part of learning...haha....weeeeelll...not sure how your planning on mounting rail mount actually have to buy the flush mount..the only real requirement is that the antenna can see as many sat's as possible....a rain mount is ok..since the hole is already there..just go ahead and mount to the rail....

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Well, I got the trim tabs on.. Was alittle scared to do it myself so I got some help.. We moved the transducer over alittle, was alittle difficult to move since it seems like it came with one way screws or something, whatever the case is the screws were a bitch to get out...

Bottom line is they are installed and im ready to boat.. ... G_0861.jpg

I not gonna use the rail mount in the end since i already made the hole im just going to silicone it. Here is a picture of the hole with the antenna just hanging, im gonna silicone it right on top of the hole. Based on my windshields angle i dont think ill have trouble picking any sattellte needed. ... G_0872.jpg
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