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Default Concerning New Props

I have a 2003 2700 SCR with a 5.7 Bravo III and the orginal 22 degree three bladed props. When we have 5 to 6 people on board It takes a while to get up on plane. A friend with a 27' Rinker and same engine went from 22 degree 3 bladed props to 20 degree 4 and he says it help. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions for a different set up? I read somewhere 4 bladed front prop and a 3 bladed rear prop ????

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See Shrew's post below regarding this exact issue.


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The older BIII's shipped with a 3 x 3 combo. recently they have gone to a 4 x 3 (4blade foreward, 3 blade aft). I have never heard of mixing pitch, that would make absolutely no sense to me at all. In no calculation anywhere have I seen mixed pitch. Mixed diameter on the props, but not mixed pitch. There is no calcuation combination that is suggesting mixed pitch based on the Merc. Caclulator.

Keep in mind that pitch is the relative relationship between the distance travelled forward per a single 360 degree revolution of the prop (based on the prop rotation through a semi-solid, such as sand. It doesn't account for slip, which is introduced when rotating in a fluid.

I don't have your exact performance data, but when I run it through the calc. I come up with either a 4 x 3 22.5p or a 4 x 3 24 pitch. If you're at 22 now and hving issues, maybe the 4 blade 22.5 will help. Maybe putting in additional performance data will give you more accurate results.

Maybe everyone sitting along the transom seat along with coolers while you're tryign to get up on plane is not the best idea.

How are you distributing load when this is occurring?
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Give these guys a call :
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I looked long an hard at Hillmarine. They are pushing a 4 x 4 blade prop. Though they're only selling it in polished SS. I have seen a LOT of talk about this online, however every single one of the references I found is pointing back to the Hillmarine site to the testimonials THEY posted online. I couldnt' find anyone out there that wasn't tied to the Hillmarine site. 4 x 4 seems to good to be true, however, it also sounds like it's placing a lot of load on the drive and engine. Planing at very low speeds means very little slip. That has to require is a lot of torque. I ended up going to Merc 4 x 3 props instead.
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