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Default Buy new or old?

My son and I went to a recent boat show near Birmingham UK last weekend. We are looking for our first boat either new or used, not sure which yet either 3 litre new or 4.3 litre used (budget about 14K). We saw the new Maxum 1800 MX with 3 lit. engine which we liked also a Mariah 18 with similar spec.
I know this is a Maxum forum but what do you think Maxum v Mariah?
Buy new or used?

Any help appreciated.

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Wow!!!...that's a hard one...there are too many variables to give on a forum......this being your first boat....and mechanically inclined are you...can you do alot of mechanical stuff...??...if new with an extended warranty......
if you'd had a boat before..I'd suggest used ..let the other owner bite the deppreciation.....your choice at this point...but...and I strongly suggest that if you buy used..get a good certified surveyor....that will protect you from buying a piece of junk.....

as for the maxum to mariah comparison...well...a boat's a boat....they all have engines and really depends on how much bling you want....they all use about the same style and composition of hull...just different paint.......
hope others will chime in..but this is my opinion...pick one and go for it...

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West Midlands ... well that is probably as far form the coast as any place in UK :-)

Mariah are a value for money boat, but not the worlds best build quality ... Mariah went bust a few years back, and now being made by a new company.

In UK ... if you buy new, the moment you drive away with it you have lost a lot of money straight away ... VAT ... 17.5% loss on day one.

I would advise for your first boat buy a 2 yr old ... you will still have a year left on engine warranty.

You would also if you choose well ... get an almost new boat for about 25% or more off new cost.

I bought an 11 month old 1800SR3 for £6,000 off new price ... and full 2 years warranty on engine, and as it has only done 32 Hrs ... it's like new.

There are plenty of genuine dealers of Maxums in UK, email a few of them, tell them you have want to buy with no trade-in and want an 18th - 2yr old boat and I'm sure you will find what you want pretty quickly.

many people buy boats .. and find they don't get on with them or want something bigger, so pick up a bargain 1st buy.

If you want any Q's specifically about UK .. fell free to send me a mail.
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I would have loved to have bought new. But I just couldn't justify it financially. The first couple of years of depreciation is a killer. And in buying used, the boat came fully outfitted with all the extras. Lifejackets, compass, anchor, tow behind inflatable, water skies, towropes, GPS, spare prop, etc, etc. And it came with an extended powertrain warranty that transfered into my name. All things you might have to add to the price of a new boat.

Granted, you take a chance not knowing the history of a used boat. And you may have to put a little work into a used boat to get her 100% again. I have had to do some minor work such as change out some broken toggle switches and a rotten trim pump bracket. And I am contemplating changing out some rusty looking engine mounts. But none of the items needing attention has kept me from using the boat. I figure even if I have to put some money into it to get everything 100%, I am still ahead of the game.

Don't get me wrong though, if I had the money to burn, I wouldn't hesitate to buy new. I like shiny new toys! And I like the idea of supporting the boat builders during these slow times. I just couldn't swing it this time around.

As far as knowing anything about Mariahs, I can't help you too much there. I looked at one when I was shopping last fall and I didn't see anything wrong with it that I could tell. But I didn't dig too deep as the boat really wasn't the style we were looking for.

I guess I haven't helped any. Go with your gut feeling. Otherwise you will be second guessing yourself after the fact and you won't be happy.
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Might be worth looking on and comparing prices

regds ashley (i went to the nec show aswell thought it was pretty good)
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Millsy - You weren't at the boat show were you? If you were selection wasn't great but there were a few nice boats to check out.

I would personally pick Maxum over Mariah any day of the week.. I work in the marine industry (Wakeboard Towers) and having drilled holes in both and spent time with boats brands Maxum is far superior in my opnion - not just in style and solidness but in functionality too. Everythings better thought out in a maxum for servicing, working on, getting around and seating etc. I've owned many types of boats from Nautiques to Dories, to Maxums and I can honestly say that Maxum offers the best balance for what I do.

The Maxum brand is one of the most popular in the UK now; and for good reason - they suit out conditions the best. Sure if you want to spend more you can buy a Sea Ray, if you want to spend less and compromise on quality go to a Bayliner... In my opinion the Maxum offers a good all round balance.

Now, tips for buying:
If you want to buy a Mariah avoid a comapny called 'Boat Quays' like the bubonic plague - I won't say more online but can PM you details if required. The best people to buy a mariah from are a company called Stirlings marine up in Scotland - it'll be a drive for you but you'll save money and get a second to none service. Alan is the guy to speak to there - if you let him know Mike Dovey from Monster sent you he'll ensure you get the right deal

If you want a Maxum the people to speak to are Picton Marine - They are in Bridgend, S. Wales. Huw Picton is the man to speak to and I can guarantee that not one word of bull will leave his lips - he is the straightest bloke I know. He'll give honest, knowledgeable advice and if he hasn't got what you need he should be able to at least give you a few pointers on where to find it.

Re: you engine query - don't be tempted by a 3.0 litre; I know the pricing looks good but it's not going to give you enough horsepower. With 4 on board, some gear and a skier you'll begin to struggle. Ideally you want to fine a 4.3 MPI engined boat.

Hope that helps!
Brit Rider
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2nd that I have had 3 boats from Picton, 2 from Dave Picton when he made his own Picton Royale ... and now the Maxum 1800 SR3 from Huw.

These guys are genuine, helpful, and as I did for my Maxum ... tell him what you want and he will find one for you.

I specifically wanted a 4.3L and a real helm seat, no back to back seating.

He called me when one came in ... he put it along side another new boat he had in stock ... and asked me to tell difference ... you couldn't .... my 11 month old is exactly same as new .,.. and saved a bundle.

Picton get my vote without hesitation.

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