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Default Cruiser/yacht tool kit ideas

Ok I'm tired of borrowing tools from the neighbors. Anybody have a preference of the perfect all around tool kit. I know I need sockets, wrenches, pliers, wire tools.....any ideas or does anybody have a great set and where?

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I kinda cludged together mine...went to harbor freight and got a tool box for about 18 bucks...has a tray in it..then went to sears and got a set of ratched box wrenches in various sizes ...robogrip plyers..back to harbor freight to pick up stainless steel wire.....wire a crimping tool for electrical..multi meter (4bucks)...mechanic's gloves....screwdrivers...phillips/straight...set of sockets from sears.....and a few various things like zip ties, vulcanizing tape...and some led flashlights of various types....that's about all I need to get the main parts repaired can also get some butt connectors and splices from either west marine or harbor freight.....


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Sounds like you got it covered except, don't forget the prop wrench.
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Places like West Marine sell complete kits, however I also bought a cheap plastic tool box with a tray and bought my tools individually. The key to a good toolbox is to carry everything you need and ONLY what you need. I used to ride dirtbikes in woods (enduro) and would sometimes ride 80-125 miles in a day (That is A LOT in the tight new england woods (about an 8+ hr day of riding)). I got in the practice of carrying both Everything I need (just in case) and Only what I needed (because tools can get heavy).

The KEY to a good toolbox is to ONLY work on your boat out of the toolbox. If it's not in the toolbox, then once you use it needs to stay there. If you don't use it, take it out. The only way to hone this is to work on everything out of the onboard toolbox all the time. You'll probably be carrying more than you need at first, and this is ok. For instance, on my Honda dirtbike, I quickly realized that Honda only uses even sized metric bolts/nuts, so after a while I removed all the odd sized sockets from my bike toolbag. This may be trickier to nail down on the boat, but time will tell you what you need.

Here's what I have in my toolbox:

1 set: SAE Ratcheting combination wrenches
1: Universal screwdriver (uses various bits (stored in the screwdriver) to swap between philips & flathead of various sizes)
1 set: SAE 3/8 sockets & 3/8" torque wrench
1: 3/8" spark plug socket/wrench
1: Multi-meter (volt-ohm meter)
1: wire cutter
1: wire stripper/crimper
1: vice grips
1 roll: teflon tape

several SS host clamps
several misc. water connectors (elbows and inline)
spare fuses (1 for every fuse size in the boat)
red and black shrink tube
spare ring connectors (various sizes)
spare stainless srews (various sizes)
1 tapered plug
small tubes of adhesive sealant (4200, life seal, life caulk, etc)
small shrink tube heat gun
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Well I think I've completed my primary tool set. I don't have the energy to do the running back and forth thing so I just hit Sears sale time.

Bought a 94 piece mechanics socket set, screwdriver set, and pliar set. With the battery drill I already have out there I should be good to go with anything thats not major mechanical which I don't have buisness doing to begin with. The socket set had metric and SAE up to 1", full set of wrenches, array of screwdrivers and ends, and assortment of pliars to include electrical. All in all spent 100 bucks but it fit in one case that fits nicely in the door closet.

Thanks for the advice.
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I doubt you'll have much need for anything metric. An SAE kit probably would have been fine. But then again, if you get a dinghy with a metric OB (Nissan, honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu) then you'll be all set for both. Which, now that I think about it, I have no tools for my honda OB, or Honda Genny. But then again, they're Honda which may be why I have yet to need a set of tools on the boat for them. LOL
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Metric comes in handy when I drop the SAE in the water and need something close enough just to strip the bolt so it's completely un-usable. Comeon wheres your head.

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