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Default 4100 SCA Water Leaking in the Bilge

Hello- In the aft cabin bilge pump hold area (also has sump pump box for shower and AC) there is a drain hold on the port side. I have a slow water drip coming from that hole. The water would be coming from under the floor right below the stairs going up to the salon and below the closet next to the bed. The floor is not wet and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to access that space under the floor to see where the water is coming from. I was able to put a camera under the closet, but it was dry. Any clue anyone?

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Fresh water holding tank is under bed with easy access to water level indicator, I had a leak there every time I filled tank. If feeling adventurous, the entire bed base assembly can be taken apart as it comes in 2 main parts, this will give you access to freshwater tank and waste tank located under floor of bed. The port hanging closet has panels that access vent lines and may be another place to look. another place would be the aft cabin stern access to rudder assembly, if water leaks from the port side of step platform it may end up in same place.
Lastly, check the aft cabin port windows. Good luck, can be a PITA.

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Originally Posted by MichaelW View Post
Hello- In the aft cabin bilge pump hold area (also has sump pump box for shower and AC) there is a drain hold on the port side.
I apologize for being pedantic.....however. Hole in the side of what? The subject of the sentence is the sump box. That would be a vent hole to allow the air to displace when filling in draining the sump box. Overflowing would indicate that the pump is slow or not functioning.

However, that would be fairly obvious. Are you talking about a limber hole? A limber hole is a hole in a stringer or a bulkhead that allows water to drain back to a low point where a bilge pump is typically located.
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You've named the things that could be draining into the port side 1) fresh water tank leak 2) condensation line from AC might have a crack, or loose 'connection' along the way (you can check both of these by lifting mattress and removing panel access board) 3) bilge pump discharge hose leaking on a mating connection along the way, or loose at discharge and water 'running' back along hose.

-- Are there any 'operations' that you have going when you see the water coming in? Showering, pump out, raining outside.

Since, short of ripping up the deck, there are no 'build in' access plates at the base of the stairs/inboard of the hanging locker, your best bet might would be to get a borescope (they make some fairly inexpensive, fair quality ones that plug into smart phones, or even a stand alone one) and feed it into void from just above the shower sump. If there's not a lot of water coming in could be tough to 'catch' the culprit.
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Seems like all the possibilities are covered. Does this drip happen when you are filling the fresh water tank to the top. I have seen water coming from there recently when filling the fresh water tank to it's maximum level. Never happen until recently, so I don't over fill.

Does it still leak with AC/Heater not running for a long time. Could be the drain line from the AC into the sump pump is clogged. Try using bleach to unclog it and see what happens.

Lots of good suggestions from everyone.
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4100 sca, water in bilge

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