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Question Trim Problems

Yesterday after returning from a day out on the water, I found the ears for flushing the trim still on the leg. Ultimately my fault for not confirming they had been removed but someone left them on. Another long story maybe for another day. Either way, the boat seemed sluggish and after stopping, raising the leg and a quick visual inspection, I didn't see anything wrong so we continued on. Since we were trolling, 90% of the time there seemed to be nothing wrong other than operation of the trim sounded wrong. Anyway, eventually the power trim wouldn't work. The trailering button would raise the leg and the trim button on the throttle would lower the leg however there was no adjustment for minor trim adjustments. If the flushing ears were stuck on the intake vents, what problems would this cause? The engine was not running hot, oil pressure was normal etc. Help!!

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first off..welcome to the zoo...second..probably just coincidence but the switch on the throttle needs a shot of wd 40 and work it or a bit...if that doesn't work ...check out the trim pump solenoids....the up solenoid may have over heated some...


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I'm surprised the muffs stayed on while underway. unless the hose was still connected as well (that would have been a short trip), then water should have been able to be drawn through the muffs and into the drive pickups. Since you went slow, the engine needs relatively little cooling. You'd actually be surprised how little. most boats that overheat due to blockages, don't do so at idle/headway speeds. Rather it is at much higher rpm's that temps build up. Since the temp. guage didn't indicate a heating issue, then I suspect you're fine, short of a little embarassment. But hey, accidents happen.

I have a budy who's wife diligently filled the gas tank with about 10 gallons of water in an attempt to top off the water tank before heading out for the weekend. (OOps).
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I am surprised the muffs stayed on as well. When we returned to dock it was missing one of the ears and it had slid back exposing the vents so I don't think it created that much of an issue. It only seems odd that the trim problem started right at the same time.

Unfortunately luck comes in three and the first issue (a different day) was me not putting the plug back in and having to watch my buddy drive away with my truck while the boat was in the water. It was a busy day at the marina and having to put the plug back in while the boat was in the water was not the best way to start the day. On a positive note, I learned that the bilge pump works fine and you should always have a spare battery or a fully charged battery because bilge pumps can draw enough juice to require a boost!
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