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Default Problem with Folding Seats

Hey Guys. I just bought a 1992 1900SR and I'm having a problem with the seats that fold out into a lounge chair type configuration? I can't seem to find a release or knob to fold them out. Or maybe they aren't built to do that? Thanks in advance

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Hi Cyclerama. Welcome aboard. I took your post in the 'Seat Guides' thread and started a new one. That post was old and this was a bit of a hijack. I reworded your post slightly as the old post was referring to previous posts and would have been confusing in a new thread. Hopefully someone with a similar model can help out.

I hav a 2800, however the helm seat slides and I have a front to back setup that does fold out. Mine front to back has 2 black handles that spin (standard setup righty tighty/lefty loosey). My helm seat has a lever on the underside on the left front. Not sure about yours. I would try to stick my head down there or even take a pic. Best of luck.

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I am not sure what the 1992 seats are like but on my 1996 2100SR they both fold down. They can be a bit of a pain to get them to release but all you do is pick up slightly on the front of the seat cushion and then pull. You will have to do this on both front facing and rear facing seat to get it all the way down. There are no release levers or anything like that at all. There is just an internal rail system with an aluminum pipe that connects to the bottom of the seat back. by lifting up on the end, you are actually lowering the seat back and the pipe pops out of the locking area of the rail.

Hope this helps!
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