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Default Main power switch? Does it exist?

On the 1900 xr? Does anyone know if there is a main power switch on the bowriders? I just got this boat and the battery is dead but worked ok last week. Don't know if the bsttery is bad or power leak or something? I would like to shut of the power when not in use. Any suggestion where to look?

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look in the engine bay for a big red switch.....if you have a fridge..that will drain it real quick if you don't keep it plugged into shore power...or shut off...
so..check in the engine bay...or if you have a DC switch board somewhere around the port side ....if you have a sink in the cockpit...there may be a panel close to it...


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There is no "main switch" on your outboard. It sounds like you need a new battery.
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Just a heads up. I have the 1800XR and had the same issues. I narrowed it down to a bad starter. The starter was so bad it chewed up power and starting and stopping would eat up the battery. I bought a new starter and the problem is gone. Suggest, get a load test on your battery and if ok, look at the starter. One way is to put a meter set at 10 amps and put one probe on your battery and one on your positive lead. If there is a draw, you can track from there.

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