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Default Extremely High Oil Pressure

Love the site and reading through the forum.

I was wondering if you guys could offer some suggestions. I have a 2005 1900SR3 with the 4.3 Liter and about 90 hours on the boat. Lately I have noticed that when running anything other than slow idle I have the oil pressure gauge pinned. We are on a small lake, about 17 miles long, and can have from four to eight people on the boat that includes two small children. When crusining slowly my oil pressure is at about 60, but when I go wot or even 3/4 the oil pressure either goes right up to 80 or pinned beyond it. In fact the other day we only had three people on the boat, driver, one in bow and one in stern and it pinned the gauge and the alarm went off and shut the boat down for a few minutes. Has anyone ever had this problem? My mechanic who I described the problem to seems to think it is a faulty gauge, but i was looking for second opinions especially since it reads about 60 at slow speed. Since there are so few hours on the boat I assume that the prop is stock and the guy I bought it from said he had never had it changed so not sure if that has any bearing on it. Thanks for any opinions.

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Welcome aboard Jon.

First off, the number of people aboard as no influence on oil pressure. Aside from internal engine tolerances/clearances the only things that effect pressure is RPM, the pressure spring in the oil pump body, and maybe the oil filter.

Since this is a relatively new symptom you can dismiss internal engine issues. The reality is as the engine accumulates more run time oil pressure tends to drop a little because the clearances become larger thus presenting less resistance to oil flow. You can also rule out the oil pump and its pressure regulating spring. While there is a slim possibility that something got into the pump and jambed the spring it is extremely unlikely.

Leaving 3 possibilities: 1) The filter has collapsed internally. 2) The gauge is wack. 3) The oil pressure sender on the engine is wack. Oh, 4) if a very thick viscosity oil is being used.

If this new symptom cropped up just after an oil change verify the filter is correct and the right oil was used.

If not, I'd suspect #2 or #3. However, since you are getting an alarm, and since the alarm is triggered by the sender and not the gauge, I'd suspect the OP sender.

However again, if your engine uses two oil pressure senders, one to drive the gauge and another to talk to the computer and alarm, I think it unlikely that both would fail at the same time.

Regardless, first attach a manual gauge and see what the readings are. Doing this will point you in the right direction.


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welcome to the zoo....I'll let don go with this one as he has it covered....

first thing to find out is what oil is in it and filter..are they correct....then trace it to the gauge....if that doesn't pan out..the senders....

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