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Lt. Commander

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Question bunkers or rollers

The other trailer thread has me wondering?
Which is better - rollers or bunks?

Is it application specific, easier loading, ??

Mine is bunkers, once we put on a guide, easy to load.
When we were looking I was told that bunkers more evenly support hull..

1997 1700SR "MaKs RAT attack"
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Well I'll start this heated debate by saying ...........bunks bunks bunks............there I said it!

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I am with Big on this one, bunks all the way. Neighbor has SeaRay 215EC with Rollers, guess who gets to help him load/un-load every weekend?
Gotta be careful with that one, pull the strap and off she rolls. He has to get into it a bit just to hold it on to un-hook the strap or to hook up when loading. What a PITA!!!!!

I can do mine all by myself. Just drive it on, drive it off. Then climb out and hook the strap up. Doesn't get any easier than that
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I trailered for over 25 years and have had both. My vote is for bunks with Liquid Rollers (spray).
David & Carol
Charlotte, NC (Lake Norman)
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Bunks do provide more surface area for the hull to rest on. Rollers - if there are enough, and if they are positioned under the stingers, are also more than sufficient. Case in point for rollers. My boat, a 2004 2400 SC3, has been on a roller trailer from day 1 and apparently has not suffered any hull problems resulting from the individual contact points of the rollers.

I back my tandem axle trailer in to the point where the water is just to the top of the fender of the forward most pair of tires, which means the stern is just on the verge of floating. I unhook the saftey chain and then just winch it down easily. Once it's floating I tie off to the dock, unhook the cable, winch in the slack. and go park the rig. Loading is the reverse. Couldn't be easier and solo is no problem.

Not that I have any practicle experience with this but I've read that a roller trailer may provide more options as far as ramps go, depending on how steep it is, how long it is, and how much the tide swings. Some ramps won't let you power load because it causes a big hollow spot where the ramp ends.

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Had a shoreland'r trailer with rollers with my 18' and now have bunks for my 23' so have had both...rollers definitely unload easier (careful!) and maybe load easier if you have to crank it up a bit. On the other hand, I think the bunks provide more even support and my experience is that the boat is easier to center with bunks. I can drive (idle speed only) most of the way up and finish it off with the winch; it's almost perfectly dead center every time, even on a fairly crooked landing. I typically back in deep enough to get the carpet wet (landing permitting) then pull up so just the top of the fender over the front wheel is above the water. 10 seasons on rollers & 1 on bunks, love the bunks!
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Lt. JG
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Bunks are my preference. Last boat I had beat me down the ramp because I forgot to leave the safety chain on.(steep ramp) Did some damage to the Gel coat which was fixable but my pride will never be the same. Flew off the rollers like it was shot out of a cannon. Know what it's like when you turn around and your boat is already heading to the water?? Bunks Bunks Bunks
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Lt. JG
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I have had both ...... Bunks , all the way for me !!
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Once saw a guy who wasn't too sure of himself unloading and released the strap early. His boat rolled right off onto the ramp and destroyed the outdrive. Not pretty. Bunks bunks bunks!

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