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Default boat purchase decision - Need your input / thoughts

I have an opportunity to purchase a 2000 Maxum Sport - 28 ft with 300 hrs - with a Merc 7.4 MPI and Bravo 111 drive - 300 HP... It is in very good shape, but the bottom needs a new coat of paint. Comes with all the bells and whistles. I also have an opportunity to purchase a 2001 Sea Ray 26 ft with comparable engine with 200 hrs (260 hp)and also comes with all the bells and whistles. I am really leaning towards the maxum because of the cabin space and layout of the deck. Both boats are price exactly the same. I like the maxum boat better, but the SR is one yr newer and 100 hrs less. I guess I would like to hear from other Maxum sports users / owners about how they like their boats and give me any feedback, suggestions, and helpful tid-bits. I guess in short,,, (typical guy thing) .. I want to have someone tell me im right and should get the maxum and justify my just kidding...shot me straight. Thoughts?!?
Thanks Guys

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i have the maxum 2800scr, which is 29'9" long with the single 7.4 bravo III

i would not believe the hour count on either boat since they don't have a hour meter on them.

I would go with the bigger engine, to haul more people around.

The boats are the same age, and both made by Brunswick, and will have the same repairs for there age... namely the transom pin main gaskets, and mainfolds.

So, its basically which one your like sitting in, and which one looks the most care for.

the 7.4 mpi pushes my boat upto 36 mph...... which is fast enough for me.

people sell boats because thing break, or need repairs, so find out which selling is BS's the most.

you don't want to feel rooked, in Janaury if your pulling a motor.

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Bayliner, Maxum and Searay are all made by the same company. Searay's are a little bit nicer. Maxum tends to fall right in the middle, however all three are manufactured to the standards when it comes to hull, deck, assembly, etc. Searay's tend to have slightly nicer upgrades (vinyl, vs cloth for example). Teh year's are comparable. If both have the same engine and drive package, then the 26 will be quicker, the 28 will have more space.

It really depends on your needs and how you plan on using it. Size always matters when it comes to boats. Even if you get the 28, you'll wish you had a 30-32. In my opinion, I'd go with the 28. Not just because I have a .97 2800. Because I would choose that over the 26. Then again, if you said which one, 2800 or 3100. The answer would be 3100.
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