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Default 1992 SR1800 propeller

Hello all,

I just bought a 1992 SR1800 with a 4.3L and Alpha 1, It has a Quicksilver Mirage SS propeller PN 48 18278 A41 17P. The question is when I am at top speed I feel the boat lag and have a RPM soft spot or drop.

this too low a pitch for top speed, .RPM match?

Runs at 42MPH indicated maximum with 2 people and trimmed to the sweet spot

I use it for skiing and fishing, I just made a fishing deck for the fron and mounted a foot controlled Trolling motor, Both are removable, so now it a Fish and Ski of sorts.

Thanks for the help

Great Site!


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Hi Drey, welcome to the site. A good rule of thumb is to look at the Max RPM range of the engine, then compare that to the max. RPM when the engine is at wide open throttle (wot). If the rpm at wot is higher than the max rpm range of the engine, you're under propped. If your max rpm at wot is under the max. rpm range for the engine you're overpropped.

The specs I found for a 1992 Mercruiser 4.3L was a Max. RPM Range: 4400 - 4800

What is your max rpm at wot when this behavior occurs?

Also take a look at the prop calculater at mercruiser:
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