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Default 1989 Maxum 1700 XR MA

Folks, Newby here.

I took the plunge on March 27 2012, and purchased an inexpensive but what appears to be a very solid Maxum 1700 XR MA and trailer.

Prior to towing the boat home to Chicago, i looked and reached my hand, pressed a nail point, and looked pretty much everywhere and found just one small soft spot (ski locker edge).

Both the floor and transom both are solid, and while the inside of the boat had definitely seen better days, i saw my project.

When i bought it home, my was standing there, arms crossed. I had seen this "what did you bring home" look before. But, I immediatedly backed it up the driveway, and went to work.

Like all things, I did the "first run" cleaning. Put the tunes on, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and immediately cleaned her up for the first time. My wife quickly smiled once she recognized she'd be skiing this summer.

There was indeed some discoloration on the vinyl, on the carpet but i got to that too, and it came out ok, but more to go.

And like most older maroon Maxums, she had seen her share of oxydation. Attacked that too, but need to address again.

The Force engine was dead and the dealer removed it before i purchased it, and the control wires were removed as well.

And the steering wheel seems locked right now, but havent really gotten to look at it.
Trailer is fine, and no canvas's. Some light mildew smell, but nothing seems to be growing.

Gas tank appears to be very clear, and no water stains or anything to believe that the stringers are rotted. And trust me, while i looked very hard, Im not oblivious to the reality that they could be shot in a boat this old.

Either way, I'm "all in" and have my project and my goals defined.

In short, I needed a boat to scoot around the lake with wife and 2 kids for about 40 hrs a summer. They need to know how to ski; we'll be tubing, morning fishing, and chilling. In short, I cannot wait.

So it is May 1, 2012, finally joined the forum, and here are my goals to accomplish before July 1, 2012.
  • Repowering it with refurb or new outboard (Eyeing up a New Suzuki 80hp (Comments please?) or Johnson 90hp refurb (90 might be overpowered, but cannot get a firm answer)
  • I will need to rewire it to minimum CG standards (Bow, stern lights, bilge, + stereo)
  • I want to tackle the oxyidation better (Used Biokleen but need another more potent solution, and comments)
  • I want to tackle the vinyl/and remove the older smell (Clean vinyl, shampoo carpet, and comments)
  • I want to install an hour gauge/tachometer (will do when re-power)

I will post some pics of her the day i bought her home.

She will be known as "Born to Run" after the boss's song

Thanks for any comments and support.

Jay in Chicago
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So here are some more pics of the buffing job i did on the hull to get rid of some of the oxidation

Click image for larger version

Name:	Lyons-20120415-00562.jpg
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Name:	Lyons-20120405-00362.jpg
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Name:	Lyons-20120415-00560.jpg
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Name:	Lyons-20120405-00364.jpg
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Name:	Lyons-20120405-00353.jpg
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And finally a few more pics for your enjoyment. I was having difficulty getting the pics to load in order. Some were accepted others werent. Suffice to say...these are pics from the day i purchased it, to today.

More to follow as i knock out the punch list....
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well....first off..welcome to the definitely have a project boat for sure..if you work every might come out ok by july......but 2 mos is gonna be tight....

first off....that boat will probably handle a 100 hp engine....but it might be slightly too fast ..great for hole all depends on the weight of the ob....personally I'd either go suzuk. or honda....better reliability...
2nd...if the water sogged area is it up and let dry and then reseal with epoxy and reglass...
3rd...the dull glass is gonna require wet sanding with 1000 grt paper then up to 1500 grt wet paper...then polish and wax..
4th...I'll answer an hr mtr....those are fairly want to install it onto the circuit that only comes on when the engine is turned on and running..probably the coil......

keep us informed....keep posting....

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Thnks Seapuppy.

I will def keep you abreast.

Still waiting on a USCG capacity sticker/picture from anyone who has a 1989 Maxum 1700 XR MA so that i dont run afoul and overpower. Seems the previous owner removed the one on my vessel. I have seen pics of similar boats, and the yellow sticker is just to the right hand side of the steering wheel on the flat dashboard, but have been unsuccessful and getting anyone to take a picture for me.

This pic / USCG capacity information would help me move forward.

You see, my eyes are set on a 90hp right now. Everything i read online from various sources says 85hp is the max; That said, i see pics of same boat with 115hp's.

Now I can confirm that when this boat was new, according to Brunswick, it was shipped as a "Full Package", Boat-Trailer-Engine with an 85hp Force.

I have to assume that any pics with a different motor was re-powered.

So again, if anyone with the same year, model and outboard set-up can take a snap of the USCG Capacity information, i would be grateful.

1989 Maxum 1700 XR (MA is what Maxum referred to it internally as)
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The hull will come up a treat with a lot of elbow greace and as seapuppy says some wet and dry. I did my burgandy 1997 1750 last year, came up like glass. After the wetsand i found 3M heavy cutting compound on a 3M lambswool pad using a rotary gave best results. The shine has remained after using the 3M paste wax. Im quite heavy into detailing, have meguiars, menzerna, chemical guys, poorboys products etc and found the 3M best for this job.
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Pics here;

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