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Default Uh-oh Water Heater problems big time

I just inspected my water heater to see why there was no hot water. Almost wish I hadn't....ALL wire connections to tank heater element completely corroded off! What's more, the bottom front cover (under the wiring area) is eaten away by corrosion. I can't see any obvious source for water, so will try and take the cover off this weekend (no small task getting to some of the screws). I will try to post pics of my discovery, in hopes that someone will be able to determine if the thing can be salvaged. It is an Atwood Refer on a 2004 SE.

Thanks for your input!
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is this a refridgerator or a hot water heater???....


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Sorry for the confusion is the water heater. In my haste I indicated refer.
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When we got our boat in late '08 we had to replace the 6 gallon water heater. It wasn't too bad at all. Bought a Force 10 from Boaters World going out of business for like $90 and the connections were easy; +/- electric, water in, water out. No engine heat hoses to worry about. The hardest part was reaching the mounting bracket holes behind the unit in the cramped engine compartment. Had to go by feel only, couldn't see the screws, had to unscrew old screws and screw in new ones on new unit all by feel. Wasn't bad at all and took no more than about 2 hours all told.
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