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Default I need a little help winterizing

I am pretty new to the Boating world and I am looking to winterize my boat for the first time myself. I have a Maxum 2400 SD with a 5.0 Mercruiser Can someone help out with some tips
Thanks John

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Default Winterizing

I have an excellent Marine mechanic in the Northern Va Area, called Harbin Marine ( its on Rt 1 just before the Occoquan). For a price thats lower than my time is worth they do the following:
Fully drain all water from engine, change oil and oil filter, lube outdrive, fog engine, remove battery, remove Lowrance electronics, install silica packets throughout boat, and finally shrink wrap the whole shooting match with enough plastic that it is encapsulated all the way round to the bunks on the bottom. They usually place a 2x4 post in the middle so there is a tent like appearance to the finished cocoquened boat. I get everything he has removed from the boat in a cardboard box. The battery goes in the garage and gets a trickle charger applied once a month throughout the winter months. The only request he makes of me is to empty out the fluid in the porta potti, which is usually done with a trip to the pump out station before taking the boat to his shop.

On opening the package this year it was as dry as a Desert zypher inside. For opening season he has a set of procedures that he does that involve trailer maintenance and engine tune-ups and as I indicated the whole package is reasonable to the point that I don't see how anyone could pass it up. I've tried to list all the things he performs, but may have missed one. The bottom line is that Shrink Wrap IMHO is the way to go.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Franco.

I'm going to give your guy a call. When do you have yours done? I'm thinking about getting mine done in the next couple of weeks. Have you heard how far out he may be in appointments?
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Hi , try this
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Default winterizing..

boy..missed this one..hopefully I can help...
well..the first thing you want to do is to drain all manifolds and tanks..both san/tank and freshwater tank....if your really serious about winterizing...then fill the fuel tank all the way...this helps keep water from condensing in the tank....change the oils in the outdrive and engine....all filters both fuel and oil.....of course you have to run the engine until it's good and warm to make sure it will flow........
then make sure the engine is warm and there is a kit you can get from your local marine store to stick antifreeze/water in it...then when your sure the thermostat is open, open the valve on the antifreeze/water mix and when it come out the outdrive...shut the engine off to maintain the antifreeze in the engine/manifolds and parts of the drive....pull the batteries and keep them serviced in your garage or someplace that won't freeze and keep a trickle charger on them...some people run some of that RV antifreeze into the water system and head system...this will keep growth down there but also help keep the pipes from freezing....including the hotwater heater.....
finally stick some of those water scavengers in the salon and the sunbridge part...this your gonna have to service cuz they are really good at getting water out of the boat's atmosphere....or if your like me..keep a boat safe Ul listed boat heater .......I check the boat every weekend if I'm out that way or atleast every other weekend....some people will shrink wrap thier boats...that seals everything up pretty good but you have to be careful of mold building up..that's why I keep heaters going.......finally if your keeping it on the trailer, jake it up onto blocks to save the tires....

hope this helps....good luck.
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