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Default Hull decals and trim

The trim tape on my 2001 2300 SR has gotten a bit ragged in places. The Maxum boatparts site describes this as "clean up tape" which makes up some 1/2 inch gold lines around the hull and in" Dream White", outlines some painted areas as well.

My boat has the silver and gold "speed splash" design in die cut vinyl on each side and a painted section in the back just above the rubrail, and across the stern, which I can only describe as being "taupe" in color (Yuck!). I wonder if it hasn't faded from some other color. I'd like to repaint that section in Silver or gold to match the the decals.

So my question here is, is there a best way to remove the existing tape and replace it with new and where can I get the new clean up tape, anyhow? Or should I just put the new tape over the old, providing that the old tape is still well bonded to the hull.
Or, for the area that I want to paint, just remove the tape, mask the area off carefully and don't bother with new tape. This taping method looks like something that was done to aid mass production and since it has aged to a slightly different color from my hull, shows up more and looks a little cheesey anyhow. This metod of outining the painted area with tape really seems out of line with the overall fit and finish of my boat.

I figure that I only need to splice in about 6 inches of the gold tape at various spots around the hull.

Also any suggestions on painting the small area that I want to punch up.

Option 3 is to just not let it bother me and enjoy the boat the way it is and find something else to worry about.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If it's the vinyl with adhesive........time and patience. LOL, just kidding, but no seriously. There are a variety of adhesive/sticker removers and debonders out there. I've always been leary that they will cause discoloration of the gelcoat. Obviously if you're going to use one, test it in an inconspicuous place first. I've had good luck with a razor blade. The sturdy kind that go into a utility knife, not the rectangular kind that are used in box cutters. You have to hold the blade at a very, very low angle, just barely enough degrees from the plane of the boat to hold onto it. Avoid any lateral motion as that causes a slicing effect. Lateral motion or too steep of an angle will cut into the gelcoat. Too deep and it will be tough, if not impossible to completely buff out. When done, I use a 3M Color and Gelcoat restorer. This has a bit more of an aggressive cutting agent than Cleaner and Wax, yet a bit less than a rubbing compound. It also doesn't have any wax in it. This buffs out any marks made by the removal process and blends the line at the edge of the graphic. It also removes any residual adhesive. You may find you'll need to use the gelcoat restorer on the entire boat because the decal covered perfect gelcoat, while the rest of the boat has seen 10 seasons of sunshine.

Painting the boat will be very tricky. There are brands out there like awlgrip and others. These are typically 2 part paints, with one part being the 'paint', while the other part being a hardener. These need to be mixed in a specific ratio, then applied in small batches because the mixture hardens as you work. It requires a lot of finess. For the best application and finish, it typically needs to be mixed with a thinner and sprayed. Rolling and tipping, or brushing and tipping are very difficult and can end up with mixed results (Not always). It can be done, but it's certainly not like painting the bathroom. For what you're describing, I'd be considering consulting a professional. It's probably not as expensive as you think. Especially if you do most of the prep work yourself.

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Leave the decals off and enjoy the lines of the boat. I removed mine for the same reason with the intention of replacing them, but prefered the cleaner more modern look. After a machine polish there were still a colour difference so when i next pull the boat out i will be wet sanding back to a better than factory mirror shine (i detail on the side so am more than capable )
I do need some new white pinstripe to go back as the burgandy to white on my boat has a p1ss poor finish.

The main stripe on the bottom is still on the boat, not sure whether to remove or not.

These are all off now

Maxum badge is being replaced with this

Some of the crap paintwork can be seen here

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I love the stickers, SOOOO much easier to clean the boat afterwards and makes it looks 10 years newer.

That blue boat is mine by the way.

If you have any questions about how to get them on please let me know. They are actually two part. The black went on first then the gold MAXUM after. Mix up a spray bottle with warm water and about 4 drops of dish soap. Keep the area nice and wet for positioning. Once its centered on all sides start smoothing it down with that a plastic spreader or credit card. This is also about the ONLY way of getting a sticker this large on without bubbles. If you need info on where I got them, its posted below.. Looks like the website is under construction again.

Chris is awesome to work with. I sent him the dimensions and font and had him make this for the Yukon also!

Chris P
Phunkin Good Times Designs
Money pit or not..... you got to love 'em! ~ Darren
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Best thing I found to remove vinyl lettering, decals, etc is something called a rubber wheel, there are various types, including a very expensive one from 3M. Simply put, its a round gum eraser you chock into your drill and rub/erase off the tape. I used it, its great. It does no damage to the gelcoat. I stripped off bow to stern vinyl pin-striping in under an hour. Here is one example of these products:
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