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Default What engine should I buy?

My 5.7L in my 98 Maxum is sick. It needs to be pulled so I am going to put a new one in. I have two options:

1. New 350 MAG EFI Mercruiser Bobtail (around $8500)

2. New "GM Marine" crusader power package (almost complete engine - $3600)

The Mercruiser is nice because it is a complete engine with exhaust headers and all electrics. It is also obviously fuel injected.

The other is a good price and still an upgrade (Holley marine carb, vortec engine). I would also be putting a new alternator, starter, etc on it.

It is a hard call, but I am definitely leaning toward the Mercruiser. After just buying the boat a month ago, it sucks having to spend this money.

The engine had a valve job 6 months ago and some other work before I bought it. It ran fine during sea trial but died 6 hours later. Poor compression on two cylinders, and no compression in another.

1998 2700 SCR
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I have brought a 96 1900SR with a seized engine so I'm in a similar position
I've been looking at many options, there are quite a few engines on ebay new and re-manufactured for a reasonable price. But with living in the UK the shipping is very expensive. So i've decided to order all the parts from the states and have the machining done locally then rebuild it myself

The Mercruiser engine sounds good if your prepared to spend that amount

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I'd go with the mpi engine...I've had the carb before...a real pia compared to the mpi engine....but that's just me since I now own the mpi 6.2ltr engine....way better performance and mileage...

just my 2 braincells firing off...

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I agree with SeaPuppy on the MPI vs Carb argument.

The addition of MPI ha so many advantages...

I took my MPI equipped boat out yesterday, first time 8 months. Just to check mercruisers "first key turn start" claim" I literally just put the key in, didnt touch the throttles and started the engine. it fired right up, expelled all the fogging oil I'd sprayed in the previous year (in a huge burst of smoke!) and ran like a champ. I was blown away.....

Compare that to the experiences I've had with carb'ed engines... running on, poor reliability, hard to start etc etc...

There's no competition in my mind.
Brit Rider
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Fuel Injection > Carburation.

Wish I had it.

That said, so far I've been impressed with the carbed 4.3 Mercruiser in my '06. It has their "Turn Key" functionality also (I assume some kind of auto-primer) but I've never had a problem starting it, even after many months of storage. I do have the run on problem however.

My next boat WILL be FI though.
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